Saturday, June 15, 2013


Even with odds far greater than a lightening strike,over  20,000 powerball tickets were being  sold every second. May I suggest a surefire winning number to choose offering a free lifetime of full benefit, caring benefits.WOW just talk with the Lord and pick 247365.He"s always on your side all ways.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Can't see a lack of current super heroes on any size screen from millions on down in production costs.  Older ones had Batman, Superman, Spider Man. Wonder Woman, Isis, Six Million Dollar Man.  came to join them. Add the
Avenger, Some even say James Bond. They all provided a positive influence of good over evil. Also a power greater than ourselves. to solve tough life questions. Down favorite was Batman & Robin.Above only one comes to mind  so talk with the lord he is your SUPER HERO.

Saturday, May 4, 2013


Boomers face tough daily questions beyond what dress to wear , men's  suit or jacket and slacks.  Job downsizing now affects many boomers. Add  increased  medical costs. Then think about the days of empty nesting could be over as many are coming back home as job opportunities are often limited.  That can try the best of parents. Medical advancements that have increased  life span could mean an added emotional and financial  burden . No easy, pat answers are in play today. I can't offer solid advice other than talk with the Lord..HE  KNOWS   BOOMERS.

Sunday, April 28, 2013


Robins chirping, sniffing new car smell, A on the final, she accepted your prom invite, old friend came by, hairdresser did good, first Social Security  money came in, baby's first step, concert was   a  joy, no rain on your parade, get employee of month award, daylight savings time, grouchy neighbor begins new smiley look, Doc says keep up your good health habits,  and add your own. So when you talk with the Lord tell Him WHAT IS GOOD.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


USA Tv Network proudly boasts Characters Welcome, Lot of possible viewers out there.  Characters have  characteristics. Thankfully, each  of   us have our own individual special ones.  However, we do also belong a wider community..planet Earth. Would be beneficially beautiful  if we could all extend our hand to fellow characters in efforts to end the violence on Patriots Day in Boston., and all its similar events. Sorry USA TV, but one one upmanshipped you.  Talk with Lord and tell him you enjoy The Lord TV.. CHARACTERS WELCOME

Sunday, April 14, 2013


My high school basketball team gave the game ball to the one selected by his team mates as the best player in that game. Sure was proud when the coach  handed me one. Awards are given in recognition of ourstanding achievement. Many  are here today. Nobel Prizes, the Pullitzer, Academy, military service awards, beauty pageants, Time Magazine Person of the Year, Boy & Girl Scouts, variety of entertainment  that followed the Academy Awards and first time achievements of various events.  the Lord has not been rightly awarded.  Time to  fix that now.  Come up with your own award name Talk  with the Lord . He'll appreciate your thoughtfuL AWARD.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Sure great if we had a peachy keen, cool, right-on, grand , super  one spirit world.  Where a kind, caring leader brought out the best in us. Where people use conversation not arms to settle life's  differences. Where jealousy is replaced by empathy. Where individual spiritual philosophy is merged into a common thought. Where neighbors see noi need for fences or locks. Where the only rank is all equal.We do have a world courtesy of a higher power. The world is in place for a uniting. Talk with the Lord, and get the ball rolling for a ONE SPIRIT WORLD.