Monday, May 31, 2010


Welcome to a blog that can enlighten your life,inspire others,in the casual,relaxed setting visiting three or four friends for 1-1/2 hours a month. All with no need to change any reliqious beliefs or feelings . Learn together how to phrase questions to the Lord and how to conduct a regular dialogue on the everyday concerns of everday living. For the Lord touches the same cement as you do every day and only travels a 2 way road..dialogue wanted. Learn the best of talking.
Learn the ways the Lord responds to your questions. THERE IS NO COST AT ALL TO PARTICIPATE! All free,except a bag of cookies and diet tea provided by meeting moderator. We are OPEN TO ALL AT ALL AGES in the U.S. We do not ask for any addresses, just local contact numbers for moderator's use in meeting day and times. We would like to hear comments and geographic areas of new friends. If really interested in a concept whose time is now, request our free information-- THE LORD TRAVELS 2 WAY ROAD, P.O.Box 2232, Ponte Vedra, FL 32004.