Saturday, February 23, 2013


Amazing Race opens a new tv season bringing to mind exotic trips. Like our  Grand Canyon, Eiffel Tower, Panama Canal, Great Wall, Amazon River, Alaska Inner Passage. Hawaii volcano, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Tower of London, Sydney Opera House, Golden Gate Bridge, Taj Mahal, Niagra Falls, St. Louis Arch, Redwoods, and  a lot more must see destinations come easily to mind. Many do not have the opportuniy to visit. Their world is mainly  the everday world we call home. So our questions are on that level. Although Phil Keoghan can say your are eliminated from the race. The Lord can't...for HE IS EVERYWHERE.

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Many things call upon us to open up. Letters. packages, doors, sesame, milk bottles, stores,  concert curtains, banks, auto repair shops, post offices, gifts, employment offices,interrnet  cafe,drains drapes, drug stores, bus/train terminals, anf finally..unsolicited mail demanding  you do so now. Important as these all  are..nothing tops the list like talk with the Lord. When you do,OPEN UP, let it all hang out for He can help.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


New Orleans and Mardi Gras masks abound this week in the Crescent City. In 2013 maybe masks from  Sponge Bob to Abraham Lincoln. In old silent movies the robbers wore masks. Some still do today.The obvious point..hide their true identity. Most ou us put them away shortly. Then some DO NOT.It's those who can be most troubling. ..and even cleverly disarming. .. as most of us again feel most of us present the face really behind the mask.  When in doubt, talk with the Lord, and find our who is BEHIND THE MASK.

Friday, February 8, 2013


Breavement hits hard., even given advance notice. A loss is a loss, is a loss.No matter how many times these words repeat, it still hurts hard. Thankfully, many organiztions are in place to help. Whether bereavement is for family, friends, neighbors,, military buddies, co-workers and bosses, college classmates, teachers, choral group members and even old enemies you have forgiven. That's a lot of breavement help needed. Who has strong wide-open arms? Talk with the Lord..for BREAVED NEED HELP.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Imagine them keeping warm with a can of Sterno going, you enjoying a cozy glowing  fire at home. Imagine them sleeping a makeup cardboard box for a bed, while you just turn a  matress dial. Imagine them feasting on chicken wing scraps while you enjoy a  full turkey feast.Imagine their many times handed down torn clothes, while you shop in stores or onbline for brand new duds.Imagine them honestly begging while  just stroll to a bank teller machine and punch your code.Finally, imagine their musiv coming from banging on tin cans with old rusty spoons whily you relax with your Bose.Homeless need help.  Talk with the Lord and learn how to help fior HE HELPS HOMELESS.