Sunday, October 21, 2012


Or try  pink-slipped, over-quaified, firms have to do what they have to do. No matter how you phrase it, you are UNEMPLOYED. Agree, some are willingly so, but the large majority are willing and able to work now. For those more fortunate, the problems don't hit so hard. Often unemployed's problems can cascade to family members or even worse..criminal activity in some instances. Unless you are a hiring authority, it's hard to solve their problems.  Our ongoing readers know I'll try to save the damsel in distress on the railroad track. Can do. Inspite a talk with the Lord all of you LAYED OFF,OUTSOURCED,NEVER HIRED.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Recently viewed 60 Minutes which brought home real insight into problems facing returning military who were accompanied by the effects of PTS. To add, recent issue of Bloomberg Business Week containing  telling us that over 20%  of military fatalities result from suicide.
60 Minutes told  stories of returning military with PTS jailed for first offenses..often multiple sentences, One judge began a program to sentence them to a 2 year rehab course. Other organizations are involved too.  I have no answer, but is it possible until our military come home, for some more federal funds could find their way to further  help vets with PTS. In our own way, maybe we can inspire those vets to talk with the Lord..He can help with  POST

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Sorry,but we are all out. Ever heard that when you went to a real sale expecting to buy that something special. A friendly clerk extended a hand with a rain check. Unfortunately, that sapecial item was for something  special  ...tonight's wedding anniversary dinner at our favorite place. All out is a bummer.But we roll with the punches..albeit with some effort.  In life there  is someone to turn too.. Talk with the Lord...with Him. YOU'RE NEVER ALL OUT.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


In Texas Holdem, poker players have been know to say, I'm all in.  Betting all on one hand. the entire stash of cash.  That's  making a total comittment.  Now that's a gamble, not fit for the faint of heart. Our lives too, often present situations regarding an all stance. Sure it's concerting. Sure you don't feel confident you have all the needed questions correctly answered.  Me too. Remember we are human.But you can go confidently.  Talk with the Lord, ask your questions.  Remember HE'S ALL IN  for you.