Thursday, April 19, 2012


VSL has a very special  married lady friend whose tears the other day you could almost feel coming from the phone.  Her "loving" spouse repeatedly told her she was nothing without him. This despite her having a responsible Federal government position. She possibly could have moved higher, but raising two children got in the way..fortunately! Although spouse did not use bodily action, his words cut deeply..often with the same mantra.Laws to date do not allow for punishing verbal abuse. Result..many like VSL's lady(a real lady too)are left to tearful calls to family and friends. Further result.. a feeling of being self-less. Tis the opposite of spouse and his selfish behavior. I have no cure-all to suggest for self-less.  Give talk with the lord a try..DON'T BE SELF-LESS

Friday, April 13, 2012


To me, whimsey seems to be where you allow yourself to engage in tripping, at times, over the light-hearted fancies of just everyday living. It's free, does not cost a dime, and makes time more enjoyable. Don't get me wrong, when your boss asks for the final bid figures, don't say it's about---, boss, there just numbers. Or when a surgeon asked for a particular tool in an operation say, here are 3, take your choice. To add this to your daily fun,start out by poking fun at yourself..with me,an easy-go. A little slice of daily wry bread works wonders. When I try this with the Lord, He gets into it with me and both have a hearty laugh. When you talk with the Lord, remember HE'S GOOD WITH WHIMSEY.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


It's always good to be good to all others all the time. That should be on your daily routine. Offering a helping hand whenever you can. I am sure the Lord is on your side here. Sometimes the help may seem minor to you, it can fell major to the other person.Case in point: one summer, while passing a young man asking for just a quarter for help, I had one for him. Seems I was not alone, for he had been doing this for over 18 months. And...while reading the local paper, his picture accompanied an article about his taking the daily money to help his physically disabled brother. All in a home you and I would not recommend. so when see a cry for help, don't always assume they are a con or ripoff artist. Talk with the Lord, He can help you BE GOOD TO OURSELVES.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


VSL just brought me this named inspirational plaque.Made me think that souls need daily comforting. They are out there..daily meeting life's ups and downs. I have yet to see ups and downs doing any soul comforting. So what's next? Friends, family, and co-workers can only go so far. Spiritual leaders can probably carry it to the next level. But, the soul, as they say. runs deep. Boy, do I know my limitations here. I need help from one who offers me the real faith I need to comfort my soul. Sure, it is my longtime friend, the Lord. Talk with the Lord, to get you the FAITH THAT COMFORTS THE SOUL.