Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Got a New Year's card, yeah today. Along with best wishes for 2012, it had space for ten 2012 resolutions of my choice. Guess a year goes fast when you're having fun,right?So you jot down continue stop smoking(have not in 20 years), be more gentle to programmed telemarketer calls, ditto programed political ones, keep my daily
PT going, wink at, but don't touch that hot fudge sunday..even on Sunday, understand better why dogs bark at 3:00 A.M. Did not finish the ten. But my number one New Year's resolution.. keep talking daily with HIM. For a daily talk with the Lord could make a NEW YEAR and a NEW YOU.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


One day in the past I brought my Very Special Lady (VSL)a Valentine stuffed white bear with a red bow tie. She told me that was a most caring gesture. Thoughtful VSL extended the gesture four-fold. Now stuffed bears can be found throughout. They are not just looked at. That would be a real waste. When we need a pickup, one of us will bring the other one of the CARE BEARS. That works wonders. We don't sell stuffed bears, but not a bad idea to bring into your life.As usual, our bears don't answer all our needs for care. One who does is the Lord. Just remember talk with the Lord..HE's YOUR CARE BEAR.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Uncle Zeke, while sitting on his front porch, told me the bad things snipes can do, and beware, they come from anywhere......BOO here comes one now. Scared, sure. I remembered that, for one evening when my two sons were in the back yard,the snipe returned. They scared, sure. Now one of my sons has two boys,a yard, a tent..and a snipe.You now what happened. Lot of scares even for adults today. I'll let you in on one you won't have to worry about bringing on the snipe. So go ahead, talk with the Lord. Don't worry and DON'T BE SCARED.

Monday, November 28, 2011


My Rolodex file is a small stack of business cards tied with a rubber band. There you will find, among others, an auto repair garage, a plumber and HVAC repairman, my Doc, my insurance agent and homeowner association manager. These are my go to guys who have proven up to the needed tasks. If not in my rubber band file, well I sure can't call them,can I? For some others, friends and family can fill in. Remainder? Though you'd never ask, I'll volunteer. Have yourself a talk with the Lord... a GREAT GO TO GUY..

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Fourth Thursday of November calls for a common day to offer our thanks for the many blessings that came our way over the past year. Thoughts go swiftly to family , friends, our fellow workers, medical care givers, police and firefighters as needed,postal workers bringing us the news. Surely, your own list can expand these categories. Thanks is essentially saying....we appreciate YOU over and above just what you do for me. I feel the Lord would like to know you appreciate HIM in your daily life. This Thanksgiving Day, talk with the Lord and just tell Him...THANKS.

Friday, November 18, 2011


Sounds like an television pitch for a you-name it product or service you gotta have now now. Don't wait this offer won't last long, as the story goes. Hey, it's not bad to want something nice, new and now. If the Lord bought television time. hmm? Folks, how about something nice new now. Same copy, but then the Lord adds, by dealing with me, you get years of solid experience helping you get a nice new look at your own daily life and its ongoing questions. But wait, add in proven 24-7-365 ability to meet your calls head-on as needed. Now that's hard to beat! Why delay talk with the Lord today and get good NICE NEW NOW.

Monday, November 7, 2011


Last week's mail brought us an original poem by Margo Buccini. We feel it effectively captures the spirit and message of our SPREAD THE WORD TALK WITH THE LORD program. For the Lord is always there and has you by the hand, a hand that both knows you well and ever cares.Margo's closing words, "your fate is guided by My love and a faith that bestows from above", ring an ongoing bell of hope. We are proud to commission this poetic expression as our official poem. FOR FREE COPY of this poem, SASE to G. Hubbard,P.O. Box 2232 Ponte Vedra,FL 32004. Start your talk with the Lord now...HE HAS YOU BY THE HAND.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


No typo in this column's header. With the flu season joining us again, many locations are offering these highly recommended shots. But other things can hold you down besides the flu. Life has a way of bringing on concerns about other daily life needs. A lot of times needs are accompanied by questions. What to do, when to do it, how to feel, how to relate to certain circumstances. For me, some of these can be my mind boggling experiences. So, reliable answers from one I trust goes a long way to let me fly away from a puzzling time. I'm sure puzzles will re-appear is some form or another later. For each of these moments I GET MY FLEW SHOT HERE.

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Many of us have learned to believe in the Lord as a solid daily guide to a meaningful life. Part of that life should include believing in yourself. Thomas had doubts about many things. So do we. Most serious of our problems involve self-doubt. Feeling you are not really meeting your personal definition of self-worth.I am not immune to these feelings on more days than one. If left alone, these down feelings can grow. No, this is not Psych 101 lecture time. Simply, let your belief in the Lord take over to help. Just talk with the Lord, then start to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF... you are worth it!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I'm an upbeat type of guy, but some days I need a good dose of added sunshine to add to my day. Don't think I'm alone here. I may be wrong now, but I don't think so.Can't find that added dose of sunshine a my local store, never could. But, I have a good special friend that delivers sunshine doses 24-7-365. You may think He only delivers daily answers you need. Sure He does that, but His lighter side offers you just the right dose of sunshine needed on one of your cloudy days. If you just want to talk with the Lord go ahead and ask for His GOOD DOSE OF SUNSHINE.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Last week was about friends helping friends. Over the years. I have had terrific real take to the bank friends. On the other side of the coin. I have had make believe friends whose check bounced. Often,it was difficult to determine the difference. The walked, talked like friends for quite a while.then zing.With the importance of having real friends,you have to make the right choice. Often this choice is over my head and above the crowd. Sorry Lord, here's one more for you. When you want to KNOW YOUR REAL FRIENDS, talk with the Lord.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Friends help friends babysit children, homes, pets. Friends help friends get a job, do home repairs, learn new skills.Friends help friends go to the store, medical visits,neighborhood visits,church services. Friends help friends by being a kind listening ear. Friends help friends by safekeeping mail and packages when you are away.Friends help friends by adding some needed humor to your day. Friends are special to say the least. May I suggest another way friends can help friends. At times all friends can do if you have a life troubling question is to suggest a talk with the Lord.. a great way for FRIENDS TO HELP FRIENDS.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


You just never know from which field a ball of life question may come and say howdy.Between you and me, my crystal ball broke so long ago I forgot it never did work.
Then I got some real advice, ALWAYS expect the unexpected. Have not had much luck there either..catch is always. Sure I Google for the state capital of Florida or local weather, but I'm not talking these types of questions. But I'm still left in a lurch. If you have not doped this out by know, you know where the answers really are. For real life questions that are ALL WAYS answered ALWAYS, just talk with the lord, He sure beats a broken, never did work crystal ball.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Alex Trebek wants to know the question while most of us want the answers.For example, time,temp, tee or takeoff time, game scores, event times, deadlines, repairmen coming when, final exams set for, that's how many for dinner Saturday.Amazingly, we still have time for the real core questions of daily life. To me, this sounds like time to talk with the Lord.The reliable ANSWERS you need are waiting for you now.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Heartfelt thanks to a prison chaplain we will call Ken.While serving adult felons, he initiated a group program to inspire prisoners to talk with the Lord daily
on their specific concerning questions. At the first meeting he told them forget answers for the next heist or scam, for the Lord's answers take a better uplifting turn. This turn turns to non-abusive solutions. At the end of that initial meeting Ken asked them to invite others to join. Second meeting saw more inmates coming in. Ken
felt ok to add a new element. When starting a conversation with a fellow inmate, say.."I Did It Today". Then existing members are asked to reply, "I Did It Today"
If the inmate response is "Did What?" is time to talk about talking with the Lord and how the Lord helped me. All these efforts are gentle and non confronting. In the future Ken can see an exception to released inmates inability to communicate with each other in order to get the Lord's answers. Could this type of talk keep more released prisoners from playing boomerang, instead just PRISONERS TALKING WITH THE LORD?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


today, ]
Last column was about how to amaze yourself by talking with the Lord about your daily life questions. Now is the time then to show you the amusing side of the Lord. No, He is not a standup comedian, a satirical commentator, not prone to pratfalls for laughs. But if you are seeking some honest good humor in your day, He is one of the best sources I have found. For the Lord possesses a real sense of non-hurtful humor, never putting you down, but allowing you to, if needed, laugh at yourself. That factor offers real comic relief for me. Ready to AMUSE YOURSELF today, just talk with the Lord.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


It's great to amaze family,friends, co-workers, and neighbors. But it is also great to allow time for your self to be amazed. It is not as difficult as you may think. Gene's not a genius, but when I have my daily talks with the Lord I am amazed by the broad range of helpful answers He has in store. As the Lord personalizes the answers, some answers that amaze me would leave you cold or vice versa. Boy, this amazement is free, there as needed with loving care. When you want to AMAZE YOURSELF, just talk with the Lord.

Monday, August 22, 2011


When you want to buy a new home, car, TV, get a mortgage, choose an institution of higher learning, get a new job, hire skilled home repair services, take a vacation trip, buy an engagement ring......it's sure feels great to be dealing with someone you trust and believe. That peace and comfort goes a long way to make a rewarding day.I sure can't minimize these items needing trust. As some TV ads stress...but wait.Daily life tosses up a lot of other also important concerns. Can't speak for you,but I turn to the Lord for these. He has not disappointed. So if you have need for answers based on knowledge you can trust, TRUST THE LORD. Why not begin to talk with the Lord?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Ever had a daily life question where the answers you got seemed to not do it. Some came with unwanted spinning rhetoric, others with on-the-fence replies, some had no clue. Believe me, I am no stranger to this scenario. Not that I think of the Lord as a last ditch reserve, just earlier in my life, I did not think about Him. period. Sure glad Gene changed. Now I get unfiltered by clutter answers, no waffling advice from one I know and trust. Gene has no monopoly on the Lord's answers. To find out WHAT THE LORD WOULD SAY, talk with the Lord today.


Monday, August 1, 2011


No April Foolin about those words. 110% on the money day in day out year in and year out. But, when you seek out the Lord's help you are never out.Never out of real answers to questions you, in particular, face each day.Why try to face things on your own by winging it? With the Lord, the answers come straight to you in more ways than one. I've heard two ears are better than one. True. But I'll put the Lord's ears above the crowd. So, put those ears to the test; talk with the Lord . HE'S HERE TO HEAR...FOR YOUR TODAYS AND TOMMOROWS.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Recently rented "Rust", an emotionally uplifting flick filmed in Kipling, Canada and starred Corbin Bernsen. In his role as a small town minister, he gives a powerful sermon where hev empasizes the Lord is there for the rust that makes life's hinges squeek. Can't be cured with "The Tin Man's" oil can. The most effectve rust removal solution is the Lord. All of us have these ongoing squeeks and the questions they involve. So get your real oil can going,talk with the lord. HE'S HERE FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE AND THE RUST OF YOUR LIFE.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


My long time neighbor came by over last weekend. Too hot for outside, so a cool ice tea hit the spot inside. Ken was concerned that he was not good enough to talk with the Lord about his daily life questions. You could not ask for a better adult Boy Scout type to live two doors away. What's your worry.Ken? Well,Gene, the world is full of people, many people who are more suited to take up his time. I'm just Joe Average. Well welcome to the unformed but real inernational organization of Joe Average Clubs. Guess the honorary president..yeah the Lord. You are not alone,Ken.So when real life questions come your way it is the day to talk with the Lord.....YOU'RE GOOD ENOUGH


Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Know how you feel. Last week VSL(Very Special Lady)went to THE mall where sales and credit cards collide. Ready to come home to share fruits of trip, she found her white Sable Wagon with a long face..deader than dead battery. Cell phone to the rescue and a road service visit got her back on center. But all of us have things that pull us off-center which are not as easily righted. One who has heard a bunch of off-center pulls is the Lord. His advantage is the ability to keep on center while helping you do the same. Why remain FEELING OFF-CENTER, when a talk with the Lord can get your life where it could be..on-center.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Has a nice beat..easy to remember, more importantly, terrific to use daily. Most of us have packages delivered to our front door too big for one person to handle. Hey, that's life. Some packages can be picked up with the help of a family member or friend..problem solved. Then there are special daily living packages that need more than family and friends. Time to repeat our title subject,HHH. You do want hands that help and pick up the package with care and even a touch of the gentle. Long wait or journey is not needed. The Lord is gentle, cares and there for the asking. Just talk with the Lord and put His hands on the special packages you receive for HIS HANDS HELP.

Monday, June 27, 2011


Good chance a lot of you live or work on such streets as Main, Market, Washington,--Circle, Adams, First, Oak, Maple, State, --Boulevard, Magnolia, even Wisteria. No need to reply with more street names..you have the concept. One person who really wants you to get and benefit from the streets where you live theme is the Lord. He wants you to know that he is on your street, right there on your level everyday. Not miles away when you need real answers to real life's daily questions. ON THE STREET WHERE YOU LIVE, tis there you will find the Lord.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


"Dear Hearts and Gentle People That Live In My Hometown", great lyrics for a great life for us all. Would that not eliminate much of daily life stress, wasteful wars,petty jealousy and you name it. But. not everyone is on board this ship. We can count on some for us,however. When I for sure have need for a gentle talk from a dear heart, I reach out for the Lord. He has ben there as called upon. So when your need is answers for a burning life question, talk with the Lord for THE LORD TALKS GENTLE.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


In my book, a sincere friendly hug from family and good friends is hard to beat. Sure goes a long way in making my day. When I really need a hug is when I need some personal reassurance. Don't feel I am alone here. What works well for me is ask the Lord to put his strong,comforting arms around me and tell me He is there for me and not worry. Believe me, this has worked for me on more than one down day. I try to respect the Lord's need to hug a lot of folks daily, so save it for my down days. So, for your down days, ask for yours, remember, LORD LOVES TO HUG...YOU!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Two positive, powerful action verbs, I feel, are believe and trust. Over the years, I have come to believe and trust my immediate family, long time friends, my medical helpers, my spiritual souls. These have a wider range of belief and trust than the mailman to get my mail here on time or UPS/Fedex regular drivers. Each of these has demonstrated solid evidence that in the areas asked,I can believe and trust them.Note the importance of "in the areas asked". For I have yet to find, with one exception, one who covers my whole world of need to believe and trust. That exceptional one you can take to the bank is the Lord. For a positive, powerful action figure to BELIEVE AND TRUST, TRUST THE LORD..BELIEVE ME!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


As a member of the bass section of our local chorale, Hank, our Director chose a stong selection to end each performance. One of my favorites was the powerfully inspirational. "You'll Never Walk Alone." Powerful as that includes all areas of our everyday lives. That's a tough task to ask of anyone, for it involves a 24-7-365 time committment, rain or shine, tired or ill and more could be added to these. A tough daily task for all except the Lord. He does it all daily for all of us and does it well. So as you go through life's journey, don't go it alone. Talk with the Lord daily and YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Today,we don't mean folks living at home but needing daily assisted care. Rather, let's look at those being able to independently do life's activities, but need assistance in going outside their home. A lot more of these exist, than you may think. They have active minds, care for friends and family, take pride in themselves, read keep up-to-date, financiaaly secure. Why then do they need your help. They miss conversation...in person or phone, just talking would help. At times, they need a real talk friend to discuss real daily questions of a more private nature. Now how to help. Use you voice to inspire them to talk with the lord daily. They may need your help asking first question. Our free blog posts offer tips. HOMEBOUND NEED YOUR HELP...TODAY!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Summer vacation is coming for fun, maybe the beach, mountains, theme parks, visits to out-of-town family or whatever. Want another friend to hang in too? Some may say Him? Yeah, Him. He is up -to-date on the top 40, the video games you like, knows the ins and outs of your sport plans for the summer. He can keep your secrets secret..not always easy to find this in a talking companion.Plus he is there on YOUR time, anytime. He's easy talk to, just Hi Lord, it is (your name)and get the talk top spinning. So remember in or out of school, THE LORD IS COOL.Enjoy the summer!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


We have some feedback feeling some questions may be too trivial to take the Lord's time, not nearly as important than a neighbor whose husband has an upcoming bypass surgery, admission of a high school grad to their college of choice, wedding invitation list, or new or used car. But really folks, the Lord does not have a call screener to give your call a priority number. So even if you think your question is"dumb", call... for the Lord will only think it is "dumb" if you don't call and TALK WITH THE LORD.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


A few years ago Stan Lee created and hosted an entertaining TV show, "Who Will Be The Next Superhero." Its hard to believe the varied array of contestants from amazing strength and would be human flyers to a lady who used food as a ploy. Over the series, contestants were challenged to attack problems using their own brand of superhero. If this were the only interesting part, this ould not be my take today. To Stan's credit. he gave strong credit to non-action actions. The one's celebrated were the ones showing a good heart and caring for people they met during tasks..but had no influence on outcomes. Good hearts, caring, good listeners got a good shot on moving on. Have to admit, these are important aspects of being a superhero in addition to performance alone. What a great checklist . One the Lord does daily for all of us. WANT A SUPERHERO IN YOUR LIFE, don't worry, the Lord is here.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Really glad it is Him, not me. Just thinking about there 24-7-365, always up to the challenge, prepared to give reliable answers, always "on" regardless of mood, never giving "tired" responses, employs effective humor whenever appropriate, great memory for even small details, never able to put people "on hold", holidays never His time off, a whole world of responsibility, has to listen to all who call, no two second delay cutoff switch, able to put all at ease all ways. always. If you ran a job open ad, how many could truly meet these skills? Only one I know who can be a water walker is the Lord. Got a question on everyday life give Him a call for the LORD'S ALWAYS THERE.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Some day I will clean the garage, fix a slow leaking faucet, share the remote more, call my brother, my friend and college classmate, send grandsons a fav video game, thank long time UPS driver, volunteer to coordinate effort for a Neighborhood Watch program, I am sure the to do list is more expansive, but the idea remains. One thing I will not put off is talking with the Lord. It really gets my butt kickin to do the other to do s. Make my day, MAKE SOME DAY TODAY.


Some Day I will: clean the garage, fix slow leaking faucet, finish NY Times crossword without neighbor's help, call my brother in Missouri, my friend and college roomate in California, give VSL an affordable pleasant surprise, my grandsons one of their fav video games, accept volunteer role as Neighborhood Watch coordinator, say thanks to our long time UPS driver, write job reference for friend, put match books under loose table leg, organize home office better, share remote more often. Some will occur sooner than others as all are most valid to do s. One to do I won't put off is talking daily with the Lord. That sure helps me get off my butt to do the other to do s. Just do your best to MAKE SOME DAY TODAY. lean out the garage, fix the slow leaking faucet, call my brother in Missouri, finish a NY Times crossword puzzle without help from my neighbor,send my grandsons one of their favorite video games, give a VSL a surprise she's not expecting..no new autos please, call my ggod friend and college roomate know living in California, really thank our long time UPS driver, volunteer for our new Neighborhood Watch team as its coordinator, write a poem or two, update some photo albums. Don't get me wrong, all are quality ideas...but one thing I do daily is talk with the Lord. In fact, it helps move me off my butt to do the others.So hen it comes to daily life and the Lord...MAKE SOME DAY TODAY.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Before Walt Disney's office calls about Dumbo, elephsnt rights groups join in, and those who feel their ears are big complain, let me explain. When you have to be able to answer a world of questions 24-7-365 that come from different time zones with no set time to cut off the calls on your end..can you see a problem developing? Even if you have ability to offer answers that hit the mark the problem is still developing. If I were at that call center. would I last even one shift? No answer needed, obviously. Take the Lord now. He's the one who really needs big ears and ability to effectively use them daily. Why not put Him to the test today. Give His big ears a try with your question when YOU TALK WITH THE LORD you will find WHAT BIG EARS THE LORD HAS.


Saw a commercial the other evening...Pass It On was the tag line. Wish I would have thought of that first for our program. Those three words nail it. What a better way to spread the word. How about this scenario. On greeting someone tell them you talked with the lord today and He sure came through with real answers I needed. So, Bill or Anne, how about you giving it a try today..then PASS IT ON! Also, on greeting say I Did It Today, Did You? Not outer space science folks.. you talked with the Lord...SO PASS IT ON REDUX.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Gotta admit Gene here in the past has used all the following excuses for NOT talking with the Lord on the real tough questions hitting on me. Here are some in no particular order: too busy, it will wait, problem will just go away, a good buddy will be back later this week, should I really tell Him that, why bother Him with just that, don't know the right approach now, i feel nervous about talking with the Lord, people are all around today. You know after I got into talking with the Lord daily, it got easier and easier as the days went by. He is super and put my concerns to bed. True, I started with less serious problems to gain confidence. What I have learned is that THERE IS NO LOGICAL EXCUSE AND EVERY LOGICAL REASON TO TALK WITH THE LORD DAILY.

Friday, April 1, 2011


Whether you are physically, emotionally or sexually abused,the Lord is there 24-7-365 to talk with you. He offers answers you can believe in, talks gently with, not at you, knows your specific needs, and keeps confidences. Really a rock solid friend. So don't be afraid to ask that first question to get the top of dialogue spinning.It's not easy to ask. You may need added outside motivational inspiration. Here's where knowing family and friends can extend a hand. If you are not the abused reading this column, please be one to extend a hand to enable an ABUSED SOUL TO TALK WITH THE LORD....TODAY WOULD BE A GOOD START.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Really don't think His beat is Gordon Gecko's beat on Wall Street.Sorry Gordon. When the Lord talks on options, futures, derivitives, puts, calls, He has other far more life relevent meanings for you and me on Main Street.Your daily questions to the Lord do involve options life offers you, futures that may lie in store, actions you take often have their derivitive roots in prior situations, you may be asking about what to put in your life now. and ...the Lord invites your daily calls. So ask the Lord on the real down to earth tough. meaningful questions while living on the LORD'S BEAT..MAIN STREET.

Friday, March 18, 2011


Is it not a comfort to feel he, she. or they are in your corner ones you can count on. Apart from family, this could be a trusted family doctor, an auto mechanic that gets your car going, the plumber fixing that bad leak, a neighbor with the right added meal ingredients when unexpected quests arrive, a friendly computer geek....etc. No need to worry with these folks around. But, I have some tough questions that come my way, seems like daily, these folks can not answer. So, added help is needed. One I know can help is the Lord..so..DON'T WORRY, HE'S HERE.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Need a new car, TV, home, furniture, duds, home re-decorating, AC, golf clubs, tennis equipment, computer, video player... oh boy my fingers are tired of typing an endless list. We all want the best we can get. Ever see a bumper sticker telling you to Get The Worst You Can Get? Is so, call me colect now. All of the above items boil down to choices.. not reaching into the bag of real life questions that can have a strong impact on our daily life. We can all do the homework to get the best choices..winning some loosing some. But, when real questions come up, we need reliable answers from one we know and trust in such questions. Come on now,Gene, is this another pitch? You betcha, the BEST YOU CAN GET IS THE LORD. Why not start talking today?

Monday, March 7, 2011


In prior times I hid behind a mike doing commercial and public service spots, no not anymore. But when this concept came my way..one more public service spot comes my way. Their goal inspires a three day armistace, right, a layiing down of arms worldwide for a little three day period. Then increasing only two more days a year thereafter. This is my understanding, anyway.Freedom. armistace, peace..all spell great news ahead for all people. They are kicking off a low cost series of fund raising concerts beginning April 8th at the Florida Theatre in Gainesville, Florida. Hear their signature song,"Together We Are One", and witness initial unvailing of their official flag. Peace in our time ain't bad folks. Well, back with Talk With The Lord next time.. As in comercials, But Wait, The Lord is here today. Who spoke about "The Prince of Peace" in the first place?


Friday, March 4, 2011


Awile ago a Very Special Lady(VSL) brought a hand carved wood image with each letter of INSPIRE having its own space. Recently, I asked VSL if she had ever seen this image since. No, it's one of a kind, something special, I guess. I have it displayed in the LR on top of the entertainment cabinet..easy to see daily. One definition of inspire is to provide positive motivation. In attempting to talk with the Lord, some feel gun shy in asking that first question. This seems to happen more in cases of abuse. So they need a dose of inspiration being directed to them from those stronger,who they know. May I solicit your help in reaching out to inspire those who need positive motivation.. Yes, Desire To Inspire.. a win win deal.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


PROBLEMS, PROBLEMS to the right and left on me daily. No, not QE(quick express) or SR (slow relaxed) for lunch, brown or blue sport coat, blue or green dress, cheese or peanut butter for kids. These are CHOICES, nor real problems. But, for the problems that bump hard with real meaning...gotta suggest what works for me. I make it a regular part of my day to talk with the Lord whenever the hard bumps appear.You know, you can't find a more caring, kindly, knowing voice who knows. PROBLEMS PROBLEMS make them go ugh.....TALK WITH THE LORD TODAY.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Have a good one, chou, bye, until, runnin late and gotta go, good seeing ya, see you later, and the list of well used exit lines could fill many lines of copy.Let me run this one by you. Key is what I did today. By now you may know Gene would say, TALK WITH THE LORD and ask questions I have daily on everyday living. He has helped me a bunch. Why not help yourself too each day. Then, even better inspire a friend to do the same each day.It would offer a lot to a lot if I Did It Today would mean Talking With The Lord. It's free, helpful, and friendly. Sure beats See Ya Later, Alligator. OK, add, after while croc. Did You Today?? Need a reminder, tie a string on one of your fingers.

Friday, February 11, 2011


Let's hear it for Caveman. Then there could be a robot, a goat, a shark, a donkey, a jellyfish, etc. Could give more of the same, but I would risk putting us both to sleep. To me the definitive Match Game answer is ANYONE. When it comes to asking the Lord the real questions you face about just everyday living ANYONE can talk with the Lord 24-7-365. I am glad you stayed awake and please remember when you need daily help from one who knows you well, EVEN YOU CAN DO IT! Tis free for the asking.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Homeless and abused in today's world are facing numerous concerns and questions about everyday living. They seek reliable answers from one they know and trust, there when needed, speaks their language on their level. Our free program inspires daily talks. Problem is many homeless and abused may find difficulty in asking the Lord that all important first question to get top spinning. They then need someone or some group to get them over the hump. You would be doing them a terrific service in making their first step to daily answers with the Lord. HOMELESS/ABUSED...KNOW ANY..THEN PLEASE OFFER THEM YOUR HELP!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Keep going, it's not a lion taming lesson. All of us, yeah all,have strong, viable reasons to claim pride. Reasonable pride helps us walk with a smile, say a happy howdy, give gentle hugs, hold hands with children. You get my idea. Be aware of another type of pride that ties your hands and prevents helpful answers from coming into your life. This is the pride of I Know It All, end statement.This prevents seeking answers you really need to know for your own good. A prime example is asking the Lord questions about everyday life concerns. He is there 24-7-365, but He needs to mbe asked that first question to get the top spinning. So, do seek help, and DON'T BE TIED BY YOUR PRIDE.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Life sure has way of tossing a continuing stream of curve balls when it comes to the issues we face in the course of just everyday living. Boy, in about all of our daily life activities. Never fear, a lot of help is available from friends, counsellors, even Google contacts. This help can add to your needed knowledge.So go ahead..but in the final analysis, make the key part of your answer search, a talk with the Lord. You will find Him there 24-7-365, to answer questions from all ages. With years of relative experience, an over the ages effective track record, I feel YOU CAN'T GET BETTER THAN THIS....Make Him part of your answer search daily.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Video games, new shade of lip gloss, baseball mit, new Barbie,that cool new CD. These needs youth may easily express. What not so easily express, but important is their need for answers to the many unique questions that target today's youth. But, they want the answers to come from one who (1) is in tune with their life's tune, (2)available to answer just when questions come up, (3)talks with them and not talking up or down, (4) keeps confidences, (5) great conversation friend, (6)solid good reputation. Best one I know is the Lord, he meets all the above requirements. If you are a youth reading this, inspire yourself to make daily talks. If adults, inpire youth you know to talk, don't forget adults can benefit from those same talks.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Someone wiser once pointed out that one's real aspirations only become reality if accompanied by a solid dose of relevent inspiration. A lot of times those feeling that taking their questions to the Lord a great benefit fall short of picking up that phone and making the call. Some of thisy be call reluctance, feeling their questions not worthy of His time and effort.Others may just feel my questions will be resolved in another way. And some may feel He is just too busy now. But, no need for procrastination with the Lord.So go ahead make that call today. This may take some added inspiration on your part, but your best aspirations can be realized this way.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Not many I know care much to deal with these pesty life qualities. In all my talks the Lord is the polar opposite.You would think that with all He has going it would be easy to develop an ego larger than the room.But, He handles well, far better than I possibly could under the same circumstances.Plus, you will find solid consistency in His treatment of all of us. So don't hesitate to call, fot the LORD AIN'T HUFFY,PUFFY. STUFFY OR POUTY.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


No excuses, His ears are open to hear from you 24-7-365 He has you covered there.Afraid to call with your questions? Come on, you won't find a more receptive ear. Think you may be put down? No way, He ain't huffy, puffy or pouty. Can't afford Him? This one does not deserve an answer. What about His answers? He was on the scene from our day one. That sure beats all the others that followed. As we head into a new decade and year, HE'S HERE TO HEAR is a terrific idea to help you throughout the year. But, folks you have to ask to get his help! How about one call soon?