Tuesday, June 26, 2012


MLB is getting close to mid season and the All Star game upcoming. Reminds me of the words of a Major League manager...GO FOR THE FENCES.His rationale was that it takes 4 times the energy to hit 4 singles versus 1 home run.  Those words offer much food for thought today. But. some of that manager's players came back with, I feel safer trying for a single and less hurt if I fail. A good reply. I agree. Times come in life when you need a home run solution.The chips are down, bottom of the ninth,  bases loaded winning runs on base. Oh boy!  Don't fear, the Lord is here. Talk  with the Lord, he will  help you do it so go ahead  SWING FOR THE FENCES.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


This could be the shortest column yet,,NO ONE. Unfortunately, many go on being abused without getting real relief. Fear of the when, where, how and how much become part of daily life.of an abused victim. The if, for them, become the when. In physical abuse, many times the abuser is capable of overpowering the victim.who takes fearing even more harm by resisting. Emotional abuse is also painfull, non-related to physical ability to inject abuse.. Abused is a concern foir both abused in the closet or open to see. Just because you may not have experience with abuse, the problem is HUGE. Many groups are addressing this..congatulations. Even they do not hold the answers. Some stronger force must come into play. Try a talk with the Lord..ABUSE..WHO NEEDS IT/

Monday, June 11, 2012


Not talking about  what movie to see, cd to buy, what item is worth staying in line overnight . Nor beach volley ball or surfing, to dye or not dye my hair, which elective to take, alice or Mary for the dance, go with Bill or Ed. Or who for a sleepover. who for boys night out, right lipstick shade, men's best gel, best social network, text or not  today. Add more similar ones to  get the picture and some good answers from peers and family could be yours. In the real youth world, many personal questions are not mentioned. And these are the ones that really need answered. ..from one who  knows.  From my personal experience, the Lord is my first choice for tough life questions.  For when you need answers, talk with the Lord...He knows YOUTH HAVE QUESTIONS.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Many return with disabilities never before even imagined. Many return with PTS syndrome, a high-toned label for high-toned life adjustment problems.  Many return with little appreciation from those of us who never left our homes. Many return to see more NO HELP WANTED signs than needed to see. Many return to not see old friends who gave their lives for us. Many return to find family relationships torn , if not broken, by times of absence. ALL RETURN with tough questions about the life in their future. Thankfully, returning vets, there is one who has well traveled your road, felt the angst of wars, understands your needs and whoi does not need an appointment or charge a fee.. RETURNING VETS, talk with the Lord.