Saturday, April 16, 2011


Really glad it is Him, not me. Just thinking about there 24-7-365, always up to the challenge, prepared to give reliable answers, always "on" regardless of mood, never giving "tired" responses, employs effective humor whenever appropriate, great memory for even small details, never able to put people "on hold", holidays never His time off, a whole world of responsibility, has to listen to all who call, no two second delay cutoff switch, able to put all at ease all ways. always. If you ran a job open ad, how many could truly meet these skills? Only one I know who can be a water walker is the Lord. Got a question on everyday life give Him a call for the LORD'S ALWAYS THERE.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Some day I will clean the garage, fix a slow leaking faucet, share the remote more, call my brother, my friend and college classmate, send grandsons a fav video game, thank long time UPS driver, volunteer to coordinate effort for a Neighborhood Watch program, I am sure the to do list is more expansive, but the idea remains. One thing I will not put off is talking with the Lord. It really gets my butt kickin to do the other to do s. Make my day, MAKE SOME DAY TODAY.


Some Day I will: clean the garage, fix slow leaking faucet, finish NY Times crossword without neighbor's help, call my brother in Missouri, my friend and college roomate in California, give VSL an affordable pleasant surprise, my grandsons one of their fav video games, accept volunteer role as Neighborhood Watch coordinator, say thanks to our long time UPS driver, write job reference for friend, put match books under loose table leg, organize home office better, share remote more often. Some will occur sooner than others as all are most valid to do s. One to do I won't put off is talking daily with the Lord. That sure helps me get off my butt to do the other to do s. Just do your best to MAKE SOME DAY TODAY. lean out the garage, fix the slow leaking faucet, call my brother in Missouri, finish a NY Times crossword puzzle without help from my neighbor,send my grandsons one of their favorite video games, give a VSL a surprise she's not new autos please, call my ggod friend and college roomate know living in California, really thank our long time UPS driver, volunteer for our new Neighborhood Watch team as its coordinator, write a poem or two, update some photo albums. Don't get me wrong, all are quality ideas...but one thing I do daily is talk with the Lord. In fact, it helps move me off my butt to do the others.So hen it comes to daily life and the Lord...MAKE SOME DAY TODAY.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Before Walt Disney's office calls about Dumbo, elephsnt rights groups join in, and those who feel their ears are big complain, let me explain. When you have to be able to answer a world of questions 24-7-365 that come from different time zones with no set time to cut off the calls on your end..can you see a problem developing? Even if you have ability to offer answers that hit the mark the problem is still developing. If I were at that call center. would I last even one shift? No answer needed, obviously. Take the Lord now. He's the one who really needs big ears and ability to effectively use them daily. Why not put Him to the test today. Give His big ears a try with your question when YOU TALK WITH THE LORD you will find WHAT BIG EARS THE LORD HAS.


Saw a commercial the other evening...Pass It On was the tag line. Wish I would have thought of that first for our program. Those three words nail it. What a better way to spread the word. How about this scenario. On greeting someone tell them you talked with the lord today and He sure came through with real answers I needed. So, Bill or Anne, how about you giving it a try today..then PASS IT ON! Also, on greeting say I Did It Today, Did You? Not outer space science folks.. you talked with the Lord...SO PASS IT ON REDUX.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Gotta admit Gene here in the past has used all the following excuses for NOT talking with the Lord on the real tough questions hitting on me. Here are some in no particular order: too busy, it will wait, problem will just go away, a good buddy will be back later this week, should I really tell Him that, why bother Him with just that, don't know the right approach now, i feel nervous about talking with the Lord, people are all around today. You know after I got into talking with the Lord daily, it got easier and easier as the days went by. He is super and put my concerns to bed. True, I started with less serious problems to gain confidence. What I have learned is that THERE IS NO LOGICAL EXCUSE AND EVERY LOGICAL REASON TO TALK WITH THE LORD DAILY.

Friday, April 1, 2011


Whether you are physically, emotionally or sexually abused,the Lord is there 24-7-365 to talk with you. He offers answers you can believe in, talks gently with, not at you, knows your specific needs, and keeps confidences. Really a rock solid friend. So don't be afraid to ask that first question to get the top of dialogue spinning.It's not easy to ask. You may need added outside motivational inspiration. Here's where knowing family and friends can extend a hand. If you are not the abused reading this column, please be one to extend a hand to enable an ABUSED SOUL TO TALK WITH THE LORD....TODAY WOULD BE A GOOD START.