Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Some Day I will: clean the garage, fix slow leaking faucet, finish NY Times crossword without neighbor's help, call my brother in Missouri, my friend and college roomate in California, give VSL an affordable pleasant surprise, my grandsons one of their fav video games, accept volunteer role as Neighborhood Watch coordinator, say thanks to our long time UPS driver, write job reference for friend, put match books under loose table leg, organize home office better, share remote more often. Some will occur sooner than others as all are most valid to do s. One to do I won't put off is talking daily with the Lord. That sure helps me get off my butt to do the other to do s. Just do your best to MAKE SOME DAY TODAY. lean out the garage, fix the slow leaking faucet, call my brother in Missouri, finish a NY Times crossword puzzle without help from my neighbor,send my grandsons one of their favorite video games, give a VSL a surprise she's not new autos please, call my ggod friend and college roomate know living in California, really thank our long time UPS driver, volunteer for our new Neighborhood Watch team as its coordinator, write a poem or two, update some photo albums. Don't get me wrong, all are quality ideas...but one thing I do daily is talk with the Lord. In fact, it helps move me off my butt to do the others.So hen it comes to daily life and the Lord...MAKE SOME DAY TODAY.

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