Sunday, September 23, 2012


It's tough to be up. Life comes at you at times when all you can feel is down. Sometimes it doesn't have to take much to trigger this feeling. Bad moment, bad traffic experience, computer crash, forgot your wallet, forget  your very special friend's birthday(not a small event). More serious events  make you go down more. Loss of a job, self esteem crushed, adverse medical news, unfair personal allegations.All  tough., all down.But, the good news is that when you talk with the Lord, HE'S UP WHEN YOU'RE DOWN.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


SPING FORWARD, FALL BACK!  That time of year again for us to adjust our clocks to make sure we get there on time. Gotta admit, I missed the boat on more than one year.  Lot of things going on is no real excuse. You woul think the Lord would give you the same excuse when you tried to connect with Him. For He surely has  more things going on.  He manages to be there for you when you need His help. Go ahead, just talk with the Lord, HIS CLOCK RUNS ON YOUR TIME.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


To me, homeless get a bad Why not all?  I don't feel much symphany for bogus homeless living the good suburban life coming to the city rattling cans of coins with a fiver prominently in sight. Plus phony makeup, clothes they don't wear to their mall..ever! Even riding a bike out of sight. But's turn the focus on the truly needy homeless, those with a real need, not real greed.There are homeless living in our towns and cities beyond circumstances they can control. Thankfully, legit homeless havens do exist.  They do need your help.  Another good friend of the homeless is the Lord.  So folks talk with the Lord, HE HELPS THE HOMELESS.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


If reading this column, good chance you do. Then you know talks come from one who cares, there 24/7/365/ is free, has answers to believe, keep confidences, talks on your level, not judgemental, no cutoff time, really understands you, has years of experience  and........more. But, the Lord has a problem. He knows there are a lot more daily qustions out there than he hears daily. He also know people who talk often are PROUD  of that. He'd like to suggest that you simply tell ONE person a day, you are proud to talk with the Lord. Then suggest others do the same. I know the Lord would be thankful. Talk with the Lord and  a positive answer to  the above title.