Thursday, July 26, 2012


Not offering a ride here.  Perhaps need a boost, would have been a better choice. Either way, there come days where your life's elevator is stuck on the ground level. Could be just a hurtful remark or news that really hurts a bunch. In any case, you don't  feel good.  Just can't shake it off.  I've been there, done that, folks. Tell me, I'm not alone here. One strong lifter upper is the Lord. So when you NEED A LIFT, talk with the Lord.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


old reliable tv just retired. so in came same brand but with HD viewing. Did notice for first time that tears do drop from both female and male actors. So both sexes  capable of emotionally crying. That's good. Not talking of pouty bawling or false tears flowing to get some form of goodie.These are real tears that come from a real need to express  feelings about a hurting personal experience. It is then that folks dear to yoi can lend an ear and shoulder to cry on. Maybe even a quiet unspoken hug. I'm sure, like me, this works wonders a lot of times. You know, in some cases, tears flow after  the dear folks leave. Some emotional hurt runs deeper and cries out for added help. The Lord understands .and is here. So talk with the Lord for He tells you  IT'S OK TO CRY.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Some prisoners may feel left out of the Lord's loop .  Feeling their acts do not warrant  His caring., they find ways to side step. For prisoners with time to reflect and also listen to other prisoners, many side steps come into play.  How about, "There is no Lord for me."."He left when the bars slammed shut." Often well-meaning friends and family tells me He cares. But, then other voices in THE YARD tell me.."It's easy for them to say."Prisoners, think about this, who did Jesus share crosses with?
I understand they were two real bad dudes. Then think about this, too.. He was there for them. So prisoners, He is there for you. also. Just say, I  would like to talk with the Lord. He will answer for PRISON BARS DON'T BAR THE LORD.