Wednesday, July 21, 2010


NOW IS THE TIME, TODAY THE DAY TO START IT it is easy to do, you can do it any age can do special skills needed.benefits come your way, can do it alone, gives you a daily boost,adds to your emotional health,increases your knowledge, wide personal satisfaction,very socially acceptable,can come with sense of humor,not time consumming, virtually effortless,well known figure involved in idea. my copy pen ran out with the goodies offered. but you can get involved FREEEEE. our program offers monthly meetings of 3-6 friends inspiring them to talk with the Lord daily aboou everyday life questions free iunfo and song lyrics SPREAD THE WORD -TALK WITH THE LORD are frre to perform non-commercially free info and lyrics g. hubbard p.o. box 2232 ponte vedra fl 32004 great posts on

Monday, July 12, 2010


you got it, yeah we are serious. In order to spread our message, songwriter Skip Hubbard has agreed to forgo any money from performances of our official song, "SPREAD THE WORD-TALK WITH THE LORD" PLUS you can use your own musical version. So church groups, school organizations, senior citizen actvities,prisoners,and the list is open to all who feel it a good idea to talk with the Lord. Obviously, this offer is open for non-commercial activities only. All we ask is that you give credit..Performed with permission of Skip Hubbard Copyright 2010.If performing the song, we would like to hear from you as the word is spread. Commercial use, please contact Skip Hubbard Music, p.o. box 2232 ponte vedra fl 32004 visit our blog

Friday, July 9, 2010


As a child the downside of not saying please and thank carried unpleasant consequences. Most of us today remember those early lessons and carry them out today.One that is someone sometimes left out in our thanks is the Lord. He has feelings too.So in your daily talks, be sure to say thanks.for free info about us ,our totally free progream for all plus your copy of our official song lyrics, SPEAD THE WORD-TALK WITH THE LORD, g.hubbard p.. box 2232,ponte vedra fl 32004 blog


Would you like someone with an understanding ear, great people skills,well-grounded in your world,patience,sense of humor,genius level IQ, humility,positive outlook, strong caring capabilities,24/7 availability, one here since day one? You got Gene, it is the Lord. So He is one you can surely take to the bank...and HIS CHECK WON'T BOUNCE! for free program info and your copy of our official song, SPREAD THE WORD-TALK WITH THE LORD g hubbard, p.o. box 2232 ponte vedra fl 32004 blog


The Lord is all for seeing a world where all live together in peace. Happily,most of us share the same desire.Often,however, He is left out of the mix. What a shame for the Lord's experience beats that of anyone I know. Would it not be a giant step forward if we could all add talking with Him about ways to achieve peace in our times? No need to replace your everyday life concerns. Just add one or two questions a week on world peace. Won't take much time, but magnified by all our questions we get a chance to make a real difference. Let's start with you this week, I am. For free program and your copy of our song lyrics..g. hubbard p.o. box 2232 ponte vedra fl 32004 visit our blog posts


Nepostitly speaking, Skip Hubbard has penned our original copyrighted program song..."SPREAD THE WORD-TALK WITH THE LORD". In a nutshell that is our goal to inspire all to talk daily with the Lord. Talks with the Lord are free, always available,offer dialogue with one who knows about your everyday life concerns and He does NOT TELL! For free info about our totally free program for all PLUS your copy of our song lyrics drop me a line g.hubbard, 2232,ponte vedra fl 32004 visit our blog that should have been spelled Nepotistically sorry about that Chief.