Monday, June 27, 2011


Good chance a lot of you live or work on such streets as Main, Market, Washington,--Circle, Adams, First, Oak, Maple, State, --Boulevard, Magnolia, even Wisteria. No need to reply with more street have the concept. One person who really wants you to get and benefit from the streets where you live theme is the Lord. He wants you to know that he is on your street, right there on your level everyday. Not miles away when you need real answers to real life's daily questions. ON THE STREET WHERE YOU LIVE, tis there you will find the Lord.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


"Dear Hearts and Gentle People That Live In My Hometown", great lyrics for a great life for us all. Would that not eliminate much of daily life stress, wasteful wars,petty jealousy and you name it. But. not everyone is on board this ship. We can count on some for us,however. When I for sure have need for a gentle talk from a dear heart, I reach out for the Lord. He has ben there as called upon. So when your need is answers for a burning life question, talk with the Lord for THE LORD TALKS GENTLE.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


In my book, a sincere friendly hug from family and good friends is hard to beat. Sure goes a long way in making my day. When I really need a hug is when I need some personal reassurance. Don't feel I am alone here. What works well for me is ask the Lord to put his strong,comforting arms around me and tell me He is there for me and not worry. Believe me, this has worked for me on more than one down day. I try to respect the Lord's need to hug a lot of folks daily, so save it for my down days. So, for your down days, ask for yours, remember, LORD LOVES TO HUG...YOU!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Two positive, powerful action verbs, I feel, are believe and trust. Over the years, I have come to believe and trust my immediate family, long time friends, my medical helpers, my spiritual souls. These have a wider range of belief and trust than the mailman to get my mail here on time or UPS/Fedex regular drivers. Each of these has demonstrated solid evidence that in the areas asked,I can believe and trust them.Note the importance of "in the areas asked". For I have yet to find, with one exception, one who covers my whole world of need to believe and trust. That exceptional one you can take to the bank is the Lord. For a positive, powerful action figure to BELIEVE AND TRUST, TRUST THE LORD..BELIEVE ME!