Sunday, February 26, 2012


No typo in the title. Although I was not on the scene at that time, her mom and my VSL told me one of the first real sentences her daughter spoke was I can hep. Mom was dusting the furniture. Without further instructions she started initating mom.
When the dusting was done by both, she asked mom, did I hep? A smiling faced mom gently nodded a yes. Seems even at very early life stages there is recognition that we all need hep. As daughter matured, she continued to ask, can I help(putting the l).VSL and her mom now celebrate her B.S. in Social Work. You know something, we all need hep..sometimes even more than we admit. No none knows this better than the Lord. That's why he's always ready for you. Talk with the Lord, HE CAN HEP.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


When musicians begin a number they listen for the downbeat, even with an upbeat tune.That's good. Not many other things, to me, hit a high life note beginning with a downbeat. I prefer upbeat mentality. OK Gene, now tells us the half full, half empty theory of life. Right you are, sports fans.For it really does work. Why be down in the dumps, low enough to fit under a worm, ain't seein any sunshine in your life, why bother for things ain't changing, nobody know the trouble I see, feeling you are on Floor number minus one on life's elevator? Too many downsides from being downbeat. Hoe about a refreshing life change with the Lord,HE'S UPBEAT.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Seems it is time for all sorts of political primary people to tell you they are the best populist.Must be 2012 and upcoming state primaries. who will get the nod and who says by-by.All the folks tell you they are for you people.What's not to like about that...a no-brainer. They go on to tell you they have the right experience stuff. They tell, you decide. But when I want my primary populist, I really need someone with longer experience than anyone, including politicians. So go ahead cast your support for the politician of your choice. Then go ahead. like me, talk with the Lord...HE IS YOUR PRIMARY POPULIST.