Saturday, June 15, 2013


Even with odds far greater than a lightening strike,over  20,000 powerball tickets were being  sold every second. May I suggest a surefire winning number to choose offering a free lifetime of full benefit, caring benefits.WOW just talk with the Lord and pick 247365.He"s always on your side all ways.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Can't see a lack of current super heroes on any size screen from millions on down in production costs.  Older ones had Batman, Superman, Spider Man. Wonder Woman, Isis, Six Million Dollar Man.  came to join them. Add the
Avenger, Some even say James Bond. They all provided a positive influence of good over evil. Also a power greater than ourselves. to solve tough life questions. Down favorite was Batman & Robin.Above only one comes to mind  so talk with the lord he is your SUPER HERO.

Saturday, May 4, 2013


Boomers face tough daily questions beyond what dress to wear , men's  suit or jacket and slacks.  Job downsizing now affects many boomers. Add  increased  medical costs. Then think about the days of empty nesting could be over as many are coming back home as job opportunities are often limited.  That can try the best of parents. Medical advancements that have increased  life span could mean an added emotional and financial  burden . No easy, pat answers are in play today. I can't offer solid advice other than talk with the Lord..HE  KNOWS   BOOMERS.

Sunday, April 28, 2013


Robins chirping, sniffing new car smell, A on the final, she accepted your prom invite, old friend came by, hairdresser did good, first Social Security  money came in, baby's first step, concert was   a  joy, no rain on your parade, get employee of month award, daylight savings time, grouchy neighbor begins new smiley look, Doc says keep up your good health habits,  and add your own. So when you talk with the Lord tell Him WHAT IS GOOD.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


USA Tv Network proudly boasts Characters Welcome, Lot of possible viewers out there.  Characters have  characteristics. Thankfully, each  of   us have our own individual special ones.  However, we do also belong a wider community..planet Earth. Would be beneficially beautiful  if we could all extend our hand to fellow characters in efforts to end the violence on Patriots Day in Boston., and all its similar events. Sorry USA TV, but one one upmanshipped you.  Talk with Lord and tell him you enjoy The Lord TV.. CHARACTERS WELCOME

Sunday, April 14, 2013


My high school basketball team gave the game ball to the one selected by his team mates as the best player in that game. Sure was proud when the coach  handed me one. Awards are given in recognition of ourstanding achievement. Many  are here today. Nobel Prizes, the Pullitzer, Academy, military service awards, beauty pageants, Time Magazine Person of the Year, Boy & Girl Scouts, variety of entertainment  that followed the Academy Awards and first time achievements of various events.  the Lord has not been rightly awarded.  Time to  fix that now.  Come up with your own award name Talk  with the Lord . He'll appreciate your thoughtfuL AWARD.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Sure great if we had a peachy keen, cool, right-on, grand , super  one spirit world.  Where a kind, caring leader brought out the best in us. Where people use conversation not arms to settle life's  differences. Where jealousy is replaced by empathy. Where individual spiritual philosophy is merged into a common thought. Where neighbors see noi need for fences or locks. Where the only rank is all equal.We do have a world courtesy of a higher power. The world is in place for a uniting. Talk with the Lord, and get the ball rolling for a ONE SPIRIT WORLD.

Monday, April 1, 2013


 bunch of thing want you to do it regular, most suggestions call for daily use.  proper excercise and diet,  go to school on days required, same with your job. walk your dog.  Vitamins suggest regular daily use, even apples advise this to keep doctor away. Daily planner books  don't say monthly. Me, sure don't always feel in the mood for regular daily things. Can not put it off. Got to talk with the help DO IT REGULAR.

Sunday, March 24, 2013


 AWESOME words to  enjoy daily. Without them, we could easily fall down  on the road of life. No spark of love or the joy that love brings. Charles Dickens knew that well with Scrooge. No high when your VSP gives you a hug and kiss. Watchng your new baby make first step.. Opening the door to your new digs. First job promotion. Don't we  jump for joy each day that we live.  Should if  don't today. After a hard freeze, happy our tender plants didn't freeze.  When you combine these two powerful words..what a deal,my friends. Talk with the Lord and get LOVE AND LIVE.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Eyes have to change from varying degress of light. To make this change requires a tranisition. One company advertises by that name.  Who told you nothing is as constant as change?  Not space science folks. Some change is major, some minor, but change nevertheless. is  needed. A woman wanting to change from red to blonde, gets the dye treatment. You can change a flat tire.   Would that be great if all  changes  had an easy transition. and poof it's gone.Sorry Charlie, no can do. Time  then to call the "Super Lord".He can jump tall buildings in a single bound. And He is bound to come to your rescue. when you need  to use TRANSITION  to make a  necessay change.--talk with the Lord.

Friday, March 8, 2013


Coming in or out nothing stops the Lord.You can bank on it. Plus He talks only to and not about you.Then He has been there himself. .judged and hanged on a cross. So go ahead prisoners  and have a real talk about your TOTAL concerns. even secrets are safe stuff. He's here to help you get out and STAY  out. Not a  prisoner yourself, paas the word anyway. to talk with the Lord. for PRISON BARS DON'T BAR HIM.  If you saw this column type on this blog harm no foul.

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Caarol King hit it huge on the charts with It's Too Late Baby. Being late is a bummer. see your sucess if you miss the last train. your initial job interview, late for a surprise birthday party in your honor, an important acting cue, , filing your tax return, your turn for military guard duty, for having your special breakfast brunch, late in returnind a very inoportant business call or giving the boss THAT report. All are quilty os some late coming bummers.  Me included. Hold off on the worry. Talk with the Lord..IT AIN'T TOO LATE.

Saturday, February 23, 2013


Amazing Race opens a new tv season bringing to mind exotic trips. Like our  Grand Canyon, Eiffel Tower, Panama Canal, Great Wall, Amazon River, Alaska Inner Passage. Hawaii volcano, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Tower of London, Sydney Opera House, Golden Gate Bridge, Taj Mahal, Niagra Falls, St. Louis Arch, Redwoods, and  a lot more must see destinations come easily to mind. Many do not have the opportuniy to visit. Their world is mainly  the everday world we call home. So our questions are on that level. Although Phil Keoghan can say your are eliminated from the race. The Lord can't...for HE IS EVERYWHERE.

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Many things call upon us to open up. Letters. packages, doors, sesame, milk bottles, stores,  concert curtains, banks, auto repair shops, post offices, gifts, employment offices,interrnet  cafe,drains drapes, drug stores, bus/train terminals, anf finally..unsolicited mail demanding  you do so now. Important as these all  are..nothing tops the list like talk with the Lord. When you do,OPEN UP, let it all hang out for He can help.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


New Orleans and Mardi Gras masks abound this week in the Crescent City. In 2013 maybe masks from  Sponge Bob to Abraham Lincoln. In old silent movies the robbers wore masks. Some still do today.The obvious point..hide their true identity. Most ou us put them away shortly. Then some DO NOT.It's those who can be most troubling. ..and even cleverly disarming. .. as most of us again feel most of us present the face really behind the mask.  When in doubt, talk with the Lord, and find our who is BEHIND THE MASK.

Friday, February 8, 2013


Breavement hits hard., even given advance notice. A loss is a loss, is a loss.No matter how many times these words repeat, it still hurts hard. Thankfully, many organiztions are in place to help. Whether bereavement is for family, friends, neighbors,, military buddies, co-workers and bosses, college classmates, teachers, choral group members and even old enemies you have forgiven. That's a lot of breavement help needed. Who has strong wide-open arms? Talk with the Lord..for BREAVED NEED HELP.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Imagine them keeping warm with a can of Sterno going, you enjoying a cozy glowing  fire at home. Imagine them sleeping a makeup cardboard box for a bed, while you just turn a  matress dial. Imagine them feasting on chicken wing scraps while you enjoy a  full turkey feast.Imagine their many times handed down torn clothes, while you shop in stores or onbline for brand new duds.Imagine them honestly begging while  just stroll to a bank teller machine and punch your code.Finally, imagine their musiv coming from banging on tin cans with old rusty spoons whily you relax with your Bose.Homeless need help.  Talk with the Lord and learn how to help fior HE HELPS HOMELESS.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


What if  the only sky we could see was black. What if we all wore all black clothing. What if everything waa seen from the dark side of the moon. what if the only fuel was black coal. What if blackbirds were the only birds.  How about just blackberries. Then only black book bags. What if all roads were blacktop.Sure Gene missed many other similar articles.  Go add yours, too.  Well it would be a sorry world for me. Now for the help.  Talk with the Lord, He can help you LIGHTEN UP.

Friday, January 18, 2013


Have to admit, I do naps. Instead of   a lingering lunch, I much prefer to what can best be termed Eye Resting Time. Shift workers can substitute their terms for times to nap. Obviously one could get fired if naps became  sleep sessions. Even if you are the boss, take a nap. That mind-free time allows you to enjoy the quiet alone. Not a  a tough video game strategy or a new thought.  Naps do refresh the self.This 2013. incude nap times. Now that said, I don't envy the Lord.  No way, He has to KEEP AWAKE,NO NAPS. So go ahead  anytime, talk with the  Lord, HE DOESN'T NAP..

Thursday, January 10, 2013


A sign on a local store advertised for a salesperson, only GOOD  help apply now. Emphasizing the word good. Thought I would just call the owner,not enter.  Joe Jones. his real name answered. He told me he added good for solid reason...good help is hard to find even with a tight economy.Got to flip over a lot of pancakes...if you get what I mean.
Told Joe I know what you mean  Boy, do I.  Well friends, tis time to talk with the Lord for he knows just where GOOD SOULS GET GOOD HELP.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


 HUGS abound. Retail drug chain once sold once a  year Humphrey Hug A Bear, more recently I saw a Hug An Artist bumper sticker, heard a commenator say Hugs Not Drugs, a long gone song  Hugga Hugga Me. In my early dating days, some gals extended their hands in greeting. Boy did sure like those gals who invited a good friendly hug.  Still do. Hugs.pass em on could be another bumper sticker. The Lord has a bunch of serious things on the mind. But, just like us, He goes for hugs. Don't forget, when you talk with the Lord..that the LORD LOVES HUGS.  Have yourself a huggable 2013!