Thursday, January 24, 2013


What if  the only sky we could see was black. What if we all wore all black clothing. What if everything waa seen from the dark side of the moon. what if the only fuel was black coal. What if blackbirds were the only birds.  How about just blackberries. Then only black book bags. What if all roads were blacktop.Sure Gene missed many other similar articles.  Go add yours, too.  Well it would be a sorry world for me. Now for the help.  Talk with the Lord, He can help you LIGHTEN UP.

Friday, January 18, 2013


Have to admit, I do naps. Instead of   a lingering lunch, I much prefer to what can best be termed Eye Resting Time. Shift workers can substitute their terms for times to nap. Obviously one could get fired if naps became  sleep sessions. Even if you are the boss, take a nap. That mind-free time allows you to enjoy the quiet alone. Not a  a tough video game strategy or a new thought.  Naps do refresh the self.This 2013. incude nap times. Now that said, I don't envy the Lord.  No way, He has to KEEP AWAKE,NO NAPS. So go ahead  anytime, talk with the  Lord, HE DOESN'T NAP..

Thursday, January 10, 2013


A sign on a local store advertised for a salesperson, only GOOD  help apply now. Emphasizing the word good. Thought I would just call the owner,not enter.  Joe Jones. his real name answered. He told me he added good for solid reason...good help is hard to find even with a tight economy.Got to flip over a lot of pancakes...if you get what I mean.
Told Joe I know what you mean  Boy, do I.  Well friends, tis time to talk with the Lord for he knows just where GOOD SOULS GET GOOD HELP.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


 HUGS abound. Retail drug chain once sold once a  year Humphrey Hug A Bear, more recently I saw a Hug An Artist bumper sticker, heard a commenator say Hugs Not Drugs, a long gone song  Hugga Hugga Me. In my early dating days, some gals extended their hands in greeting. Boy did sure like those gals who invited a good friendly hug.  Still do. Hugs.pass em on could be another bumper sticker. The Lord has a bunch of serious things on the mind. But, just like us, He goes for hugs. Don't forget, when you talk with the Lord..that the LORD LOVES HUGS.  Have yourself a huggable 2013!