Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Got a New Year's card, yeah today. Along with best wishes for 2012, it had space for ten 2012 resolutions of my choice. Guess a year goes fast when you're having fun,right?So you jot down continue stop smoking(have not in 20 years), be more gentle to programmed telemarketer calls, ditto programed political ones, keep my daily
PT going, wink at, but don't touch that hot fudge sunday..even on Sunday, understand better why dogs bark at 3:00 A.M. Did not finish the ten. But my number one New Year's resolution.. keep talking daily with HIM. For a daily talk with the Lord could make a NEW YEAR and a NEW YOU.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


One day in the past I brought my Very Special Lady (VSL)a Valentine stuffed white bear with a red bow tie. She told me that was a most caring gesture. Thoughtful VSL extended the gesture four-fold. Now stuffed bears can be found throughout. They are not just looked at. That would be a real waste. When we need a pickup, one of us will bring the other one of the CARE BEARS. That works wonders. We don't sell stuffed bears, but not a bad idea to bring into your life.As usual, our bears don't answer all our needs for care. One who does is the Lord. Just remember talk with the Lord..HE's YOUR CARE BEAR.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Uncle Zeke, while sitting on his front porch, told me the bad things snipes can do, and beware, they come from anywhere......BOO here comes one now. Scared, sure. I remembered that, for one evening when my two sons were in the back yard,the snipe returned. They scared, sure. Now one of my sons has two boys,a yard, a tent..and a snipe.You now what happened. Lot of scares even for adults today. I'll let you in on one you won't have to worry about bringing on the snipe. So go ahead, talk with the Lord. Don't worry and DON'T BE SCARED.