Thursday, February 24, 2011


PROBLEMS, PROBLEMS to the right and left on me daily. No, not QE(quick express) or SR (slow relaxed) for lunch, brown or blue sport coat, blue or green dress, cheese or peanut butter for kids. These are CHOICES, nor real problems. But, for the problems that bump hard with real meaning...gotta suggest what works for me. I make it a regular part of my day to talk with the Lord whenever the hard bumps appear.You know, you can't find a more caring, kindly, knowing voice who knows. PROBLEMS PROBLEMS make them go ugh.....TALK WITH THE LORD TODAY.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Have a good one, chou, bye, until, runnin late and gotta go, good seeing ya, see you later, and the list of well used exit lines could fill many lines of copy.Let me run this one by you. Key is what I did today. By now you may know Gene would say, TALK WITH THE LORD and ask questions I have daily on everyday living. He has helped me a bunch. Why not help yourself too each day. Then, even better inspire a friend to do the same each day.It would offer a lot to a lot if I Did It Today would mean Talking With The Lord. It's free, helpful, and friendly. Sure beats See Ya Later, Alligator. OK, add, after while croc. Did You Today?? Need a reminder, tie a string on one of your fingers.

Friday, February 11, 2011


Let's hear it for Caveman. Then there could be a robot, a goat, a shark, a donkey, a jellyfish, etc. Could give more of the same, but I would risk putting us both to sleep. To me the definitive Match Game answer is ANYONE. When it comes to asking the Lord the real questions you face about just everyday living ANYONE can talk with the Lord 24-7-365. I am glad you stayed awake and please remember when you need daily help from one who knows you well, EVEN YOU CAN DO IT! Tis free for the asking.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Homeless and abused in today's world are facing numerous concerns and questions about everyday living. They seek reliable answers from one they know and trust, there when needed, speaks their language on their level. Our free program inspires daily talks. Problem is many homeless and abused may find difficulty in asking the Lord that all important first question to get top spinning. They then need someone or some group to get them over the hump. You would be doing them a terrific service in making their first step to daily answers with the Lord. HOMELESS/ABUSED...KNOW ANY..THEN PLEASE OFFER THEM YOUR HELP!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Keep going, it's not a lion taming lesson. All of us, yeah all,have strong, viable reasons to claim pride. Reasonable pride helps us walk with a smile, say a happy howdy, give gentle hugs, hold hands with children. You get my idea. Be aware of another type of pride that ties your hands and prevents helpful answers from coming into your life. This is the pride of I Know It All, end statement.This prevents seeking answers you really need to know for your own good. A prime example is asking the Lord questions about everyday life concerns. He is there 24-7-365, but He needs to mbe asked that first question to get the top spinning. So, do seek help, and DON'T BE TIED BY YOUR PRIDE.