Friday, November 26, 2010


Boy this was a breeze, a snap, a piece of cake and anything else that says easy. Compare this to a lot of other stuff you get when you make some calls..for example: (A) You've already punched seven keys on the pad and told number 8 gets you a real person. (B) Lucky you, you get a live voive first time, but are quizzed like a murder suspect on the reason for the call. (C) You call during the hours they are open only to get to leave a message in the general mailbox.So what a real relief to know you are on a 24-7-365 basis for your questions. Rest easy for YOU ARE NEXT ON TALK WITH THE LORD!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


By now you know I'm usually talking about talking with Him on our daily life questions. Not today! No,Thanksgiving is a great day to serve Him your special roast turkey dinner with all the fixins. Yeah, He likes it all the way thtrough to the pumpkin pie with whipped cream. Everybody full and comfortable?Now the next step all ages at the table to take their turn at giving Him a special toast..regardless of the type of beverage in their glasses. This is just a free flow, unscripted offering of our thanks to Him on this special day. Tommorrow is another day when I'll be back spreading the word to talk with Lord. But today, SAVE ROAST & TOAST FOR HIM!

Friday, November 19, 2010


My only journalism class I took that landed me a Big C was Graphic Arts on may way to a journalism degree. I knew I could not even draw water, but class had a very high female content. So, your help is needed to make up a card to say, I'VE TALKED WITH THE LORD TODAY. Perhaps use one sheet of heavy paper,white or color . Then trace the outline of a credit card 3 times on the sheet and print the words,no signature needed. Cut out, keep one in your wallet, hand out 2 to family or friends.Encourage other more graphically able people than me to do likewise.Then remind yourself to do as the card in your wallet urges. WHAT'S IN YOUR WALLET--TALKING WITH THE LORD TODAY.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Really need that new car now? A new computer for the kids? Vacation plans for 2011? How many for a sleep-over? Should I tell Mom that? Perfume or jewelry? Go with you know to the school dance? Will the electric bill really be that much this month? Renew that magazine again? Snow tires. chains or both this trip up the mountains?
That monthly time..again? Shoul I dish my old fedora? Dish or cable? Between you and me, our list could hit triple digits. We have not even considered the real impacting concerns we all face daily. This is where your daily talks with the Lord can really help.So when you reach out for His answers...HE'S GOTCHA COVERED.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Director John Huston feels "Nothing suceeds like reputation." Sure, Mr.Ford's words may imply both good and bad reputations. But take a look at His reputation. Faithfull, loving, caring,understanding,always there,never hurtful,never maligning,answers you can trust,there for all people at all ages,proven quality over the years, keeps confidences,humble but all knowing,not a two-face,to state many qualities for a good reputation. Then add Honest,Loyal, Kind. In my mind, you just CAN'T BEAT LORD'S GOOD REPUTATION.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


THE LORD is an EOL..EQUAL OPPORTUNITY LISTENER. He knows each of us are different in some aspects with different life concerns. Yet, He is fully capable of recognizing this and tailor make relevent replies to your questions. You just have to ask that first question to get the ball rolling. our free program SPREAD THE WORD TALK WITH LORD inspires these talks. Remember, with His ears always open and there 24/7/365 don't hesitate to let Him hear your questions. You have with the Lord a great Equal Opportunity Listener--EOL!