Sunday, March 24, 2013


 AWESOME words to  enjoy daily. Without them, we could easily fall down  on the road of life. No spark of love or the joy that love brings. Charles Dickens knew that well with Scrooge. No high when your VSP gives you a hug and kiss. Watchng your new baby make first step.. Opening the door to your new digs. First job promotion. Don't we  jump for joy each day that we live.  Should if  don't today. After a hard freeze, happy our tender plants didn't freeze.  When you combine these two powerful words..what a deal,my friends. Talk with the Lord and get LOVE AND LIVE.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Eyes have to change from varying degress of light. To make this change requires a tranisition. One company advertises by that name.  Who told you nothing is as constant as change?  Not space science folks. Some change is major, some minor, but change nevertheless. is  needed. A woman wanting to change from red to blonde, gets the dye treatment. You can change a flat tire.   Would that be great if all  changes  had an easy transition. and poof it's gone.Sorry Charlie, no can do. Time  then to call the "Super Lord".He can jump tall buildings in a single bound. And He is bound to come to your rescue. when you need  to use TRANSITION  to make a  necessay change.--talk with the Lord.

Friday, March 8, 2013


Coming in or out nothing stops the Lord.You can bank on it. Plus He talks only to and not about you.Then He has been there himself. .judged and hanged on a cross. So go ahead prisoners  and have a real talk about your TOTAL concerns. even secrets are safe stuff. He's here to help you get out and STAY  out. Not a  prisoner yourself, paas the word anyway. to talk with the Lord. for PRISON BARS DON'T BAR HIM.  If you saw this column type on this blog harm no foul.

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Caarol King hit it huge on the charts with It's Too Late Baby. Being late is a bummer. see your sucess if you miss the last train. your initial job interview, late for a surprise birthday party in your honor, an important acting cue, , filing your tax return, your turn for military guard duty, for having your special breakfast brunch, late in returnind a very inoportant business call or giving the boss THAT report. All are quilty os some late coming bummers.  Me included. Hold off on the worry. Talk with the Lord..IT AIN'T TOO LATE.