Friday, January 27, 2012


Really a few over, but do the addition using my old math way.When they Lord came my way with this Talk With The Lord idea..I said, Right. Lord..yeah you want me?
he must have for He's been here ever since, column thoughts in hand. I even told Him I make a few typos.. how bout a few more than a few. To make it acceptable Lord we need simple, easy to digest, timely topics. Good to His word, when I did not have the foggiest idea.. magic struck, just in time. His spirit was ever present in arranging 27 friends raise their hand in our effort to ever expand our goal to SPREAD THE WORD TALK WITH THE LORD. Only He knows the reach the program has achieve. My thanks to all of you. Plan to talk with the Lord today...THE LORD'S 10O COLUMNS can help.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Social networking is working. Facebook and Twitter alone reach out to millions globally. To date, I don't think the Lord has established an authorized social networking site. But if...what a great way to spread the word that daily talks with the Lord is good for all everywhere. No need here to list all the opportunities you have to get family, friends, and others in your network to follow "Him". It's easy, just let the word out that a daily talk with the Lord pays great dividends. Begin now to FOLLOW HIM ON "HIM".

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Lord wants you to believe in Him. Not much question in my mind there. On the flip side, I have some problems with the Lord believing in me. Believe me, I am far from perfect. As the Bard of the Avon wrote..."Aye that's the rub." To make myself better in His eyes, I may hold back or tweek my talks with Him. Feeling it's better to show a partial good face and not risk my good image in His mind. Doing so does not really benefit me in my quest for daily life answers. Then i feel if He wants me to believe in Him, why not He in me? In a real realty show, He would tell you to openly talk with the Lord for the LORD BELIEVES IN YOU.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Life does not always hit soft. When you think you have it all together, bango, it got you. Now what. Try asking family and friends. Most likely you get a well listening ear and some valid advice as well. For repair problems, you call on a specialist in the area of concern. Pastoral aid is a source to reach out to you in a caring way. As much as these avenues offer help when life hits is not enough. Something else to come into play. Time for me to talk with the Lord..don't let LIFE HIT HARD on your own.