Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Life does not always hit soft. When you think you have it all together, bango, it got you. Now what. Try asking family and friends. Most likely you get a well listening ear and some valid advice as well. For repair problems, you call on a specialist in the area of concern. Pastoral aid is a source to reach out to you in a caring way. As much as these avenues offer help when life hits hard....it is not enough. Something else to come into play. Time for me to talk with the Lord..don't let LIFE HIT HARD on your own.


  1. The Lord Jesus is truly the only one who can help any of us no matter what we are going through. If you'd like to read some awesome ways the Lord has helped me, feel free to join my blog at www.mamacsboastingblog.blogspot.com

    1. thanks for your comment and info on your ideas. with many places for us to SPREAD THE WORD, we can not single out any particular blog to join, you are right, talk with the Lord works best when life hits hard g hubbard

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