Sunday, December 23, 2012


Have you heard about PHS?  Every year it begins around Thanksgiving and by the next January its symptoms are often visible to many. Not the reminders of people who want some of your holiday cash.I"m talking of the joys of the happy holiday times of the year. Folks  wishing all the best, all the way with a big smile on their faces. Not hard to get a buzz and a high. Then when out of town family and friends bid farewell, trees and ornaments no longer in the living room, no  Christmas Song by Mel Torme on could bvegin to feel the effects of PHS....Post Holiday Stress. Time again to talk with the Lord..he can help you with PHS.

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Big bunches of books, a sea of self help seminars, CDs/DVDs offer to come your way. Don't summarily put them down. Pick them up as one resource for your own overall upward mobility.Professional authors of these tools with accompaning  credentials do have food for thought. However, there advice is offered for basically one person. To complete your rise to BE ALL YOU CAN BE,  talk with the Lord.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Probably have your own list of  resolutions to keep in 2013. Regardless, here's one more from me.....BE PROUD OF YOURSELF.Get real personal on this one. Me, no can climb high mountains, dive deep in oceans, win Power Ball,
as a writer, get that Pulitzer, on my songs, a Grammy..We can though take pride in our own individual efforts on a less spectacular basis. So begin your 2013 days telling yourself that I have reason to be proud of myself TODAY. So talk with the Lord..he can help you BE PROUD OF YOURSELF.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


LOVE, the key word today. On a Diana Krall dvd, she sings, "I love being here with you."Tis the season for jolly and good times with those we love.Sharing love in that special way..let's have more 365. But why not extend the idea a little further. When meeting a family member or friendsuggest they encourage just  one person you do not know to share the love. Then inspire them to pass it on. If love feelings explode, would that not make for a more peaceful  united world.Love that goal. When you next talk with the Lord...keep in mind HE LOVES BEING HERE WITH YOU.

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday.  I hear millions were own the prowl to get the best bargains.  In stores or online were jammed with eager buyers...some up all night in long lines awaiting doors to open.I did not, but am sure I missed some real bargains. Hope all this activity was in the joyful act of sincere giving to others. One I know is always in the sincerely giving mode.  So how about adding one more name to the above list ...Lord's Christmas Sunday. A non-commercial effort. So talk with the Lord..HE'S YOUR BEST BARGAIN.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


This holiday season is time for joy, celebration, comfy warm feelings, and positive look for the next year.  ...for most of us. But, if you or your loved ones have military overseas unable to join you, mental or physical illness prevent joy, unemployment strikes your world, recovery from major catastrophes is still slow, jail or prison  uniforms are on the scene, troubling news arrives at your door  and out-of-town family can not join you...the blues attack. GOT THE BLUES?  talk with the Lord, he knows blues, too.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Recently, two TV series presented excellent dramas, most likely in sync with Veteran's Day. Thankfully these pinpointed the need for us to go behind the needed tribute for serving our country well. Perhaps it is easier to cheer, enjoy the drums going bang and cymbals clanging. Let's not get fooled behind this cover and go home without further thought to the real issues returning vets find here. For a few years at least, vets have mainly been of touch with employment needs  for one. Then some feel military action unjustified and reach out to returning vets who were only obeying orders.Some may feel personal relationships strained .  Why can't we all come together in one fight,,,the fight to
help our returning vets . When  your talk with the lord time comes, remember HOMECOMING VETS NEED YOUR RESPECT.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Last year the column spoke of being thankful for the past year.Such things this year could include the vicims of Sandy whose only lost property not lives, a boss in tough times told you are still here, a bouncing baby arrives, a military returns unharmed  from overseas, you get first place in school science class.  Say thanks.  But.....let's all extend the thanks to one here today and tommorow.  When having a talk with the Lord,tell Him THANKS FOR TOMMOROW.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Can't watch TV without word on the fiscal cliffs we,as a nation, face by year end. This column does not want to minimize this concern. Rather, let us zero in on EMOTIONAL CLIFFS . Fiscal cliff analizers have many to utilize in advance. But for emotions  cliffs,many come . Then the feeling of being in a sinking ship surfaces.Many of us have been in that same boat.Then turn to a superb captain to steer you straight to safety.  Talk with the Lord, he can help with your EMOTIONAL CLIFFS.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Or try  pink-slipped, over-quaified, firms have to do what they have to do. No matter how you phrase it, you are UNEMPLOYED. Agree, some are willingly so, but the large majority are willing and able to work now. For those more fortunate, the problems don't hit so hard. Often unemployed's problems can cascade to family members or even worse..criminal activity in some instances. Unless you are a hiring authority, it's hard to solve their problems.  Our ongoing readers know I'll try to save the damsel in distress on the railroad track. Can do. Inspite a talk with the Lord all of you LAYED OFF,OUTSOURCED,NEVER HIRED.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Recently viewed 60 Minutes which brought home real insight into problems facing returning military who were accompanied by the effects of PTS. To add, recent issue of Bloomberg Business Week containing  telling us that over 20%  of military fatalities result from suicide.
60 Minutes told  stories of returning military with PTS jailed for first offenses..often multiple sentences, One judge began a program to sentence them to a 2 year rehab course. Other organizations are involved too.  I have no answer, but is it possible until our military come home, for some more federal funds could find their way to further  help vets with PTS. In our own way, maybe we can inspire those vets to talk with the Lord..He can help with  POST

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Sorry,but we are all out. Ever heard that when you went to a real sale expecting to buy that something special. A friendly clerk extended a hand with a rain check. Unfortunately, that sapecial item was for something  special  ...tonight's wedding anniversary dinner at our favorite place. All out is a bummer.But we roll with the punches..albeit with some effort.  In life there  is someone to turn too.. Talk with the Lord...with Him. YOU'RE NEVER ALL OUT.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


In Texas Holdem, poker players have been know to say, I'm all in.  Betting all on one hand. the entire stash of cash.  That's  making a total comittment.  Now that's a gamble, not fit for the faint of heart. Our lives too, often present situations regarding an all stance. Sure it's concerting. Sure you don't feel confident you have all the needed questions correctly answered.  Me too. Remember we are human.But you can go confidently.  Talk with the Lord, ask your questions.  Remember HE'S ALL IN  for you.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


It's tough to be up. Life comes at you at times when all you can feel is down. Sometimes it doesn't have to take much to trigger this feeling. Bad moment, bad traffic experience, computer crash, forgot your wallet, forget  your very special friend's birthday(not a small event). More serious events  make you go down more. Loss of a job, self esteem crushed, adverse medical news, unfair personal allegations.All  tough., all down.But, the good news is that when you talk with the Lord, HE'S UP WHEN YOU'RE DOWN.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


SPING FORWARD, FALL BACK!  That time of year again for us to adjust our clocks to make sure we get there on time. Gotta admit, I missed the boat on more than one year.  Lot of things going on is no real excuse. You woul think the Lord would give you the same excuse when you tried to connect with Him. For He surely has  more things going on.  He manages to be there for you when you need His help. Go ahead, just talk with the Lord, HIS CLOCK RUNS ON YOUR TIME.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


To me, homeless get a bad Why not all?  I don't feel much symphany for bogus homeless living the good suburban life coming to the city rattling cans of coins with a fiver prominently in sight. Plus phony makeup, clothes they don't wear to their mall..ever! Even riding a bike out of sight. But's turn the focus on the truly needy homeless, those with a real need, not real greed.There are homeless living in our towns and cities beyond circumstances they can control. Thankfully, legit homeless havens do exist.  They do need your help.  Another good friend of the homeless is the Lord.  So folks talk with the Lord, HE HELPS THE HOMELESS.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


If reading this column, good chance you do. Then you know talks come from one who cares, there 24/7/365/ is free, has answers to believe, keep confidences, talks on your level, not judgemental, no cutoff time, really understands you, has years of experience  and........more. But, the Lord has a problem. He knows there are a lot more daily qustions out there than he hears daily. He also know people who talk often are PROUD  of that. He'd like to suggest that you simply tell ONE person a day, you are proud to talk with the Lord. Then suggest others do the same. I know the Lord would be thankful. Talk with the Lord and  a positive answer to  the above title.

Friday, August 24, 2012


Bunches of things you can just say  NO. Forgetting important birthdays, annual physical, returning libray books on time, helping elders cross busy street, voting regularly, saying pleae and thanks, properly maintaining vehicles, remembering animals hurt too, remembering kindness wins, remembering bullies lose, thinking no one else exists more than you, thinking there is no one else to help you, The list for NO goes on. List for YES also goes on. Today, let's center on one YES.  Can't help tough questions,but you can help get answers.  When it comes to a talk with the Lord, JUST SAY YES.

Friday, August 17, 2012


Our English language offers many examples of two meanings for the same spelling . Gotta confusee newcomers. Birthdays are great for one definition of present. My teen grandson just had one. The other present involves the here and now. Sure, He is there for your future,too.But let's concentrate on today. Obviously, questions today impact often our  future.t don't let the ball get away, life's real questtions need real answers now. Don't think, as good as Google is, it not the ideal source for life's future impacting questions.. Don't worry, folks. Talk with the Lord, HE'S HERE FOR YOUR PRESENT.

Friday, August 10, 2012


You say  nay nay, not in my way.Why the long face, ace? Just got some bad news and got the blues.Well,my friend, it ain't the end.think blue skies.I've tried to think like you,but come up lacking.Man. stop crying and start attackin. I'm ;lost when I go that  way.No attackin is not hurtin.You mean just relax and try some thinkin. See you are starting to turn on the burners. Come on, how about us slower learners? Try using a rap to get out of that trap. See what you mean, leave the old scene.Plus, get some solid help from up above. Solid, you mean Him? You got it with the lord about the GOOD THINGS COMING YOUR WAY.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Strawberry or vanilla cone, iron or wood club, red or blue dress, elective to take this term, yellow or red sedan, shore, mountains  or just home, Buddies or Pasta King tonight, tie or not knot, loafers or dress, what time for babysitter, go to more time, add what to movie DVD list, 1st or 3rd base seats, play 1st or 3rd, flats or heels, Smiths or Allens for bridge, which birthday card, check or charge, go out or stay in, bike or walk, be quiet or talk, Quick Go or Rudy's Supermarket, Nothing like the choice of choices today.Overwhelming, and these just  the easiest. Another story with life's more difficult choices. Feel the need for help?  Talk with the lord, He,s good with CHOICES.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Not offering a ride here.  Perhaps need a boost, would have been a better choice. Either way, there come days where your life's elevator is stuck on the ground level. Could be just a hurtful remark or news that really hurts a bunch. In any case, you don't  feel good.  Just can't shake it off.  I've been there, done that, folks. Tell me, I'm not alone here. One strong lifter upper is the Lord. So when you NEED A LIFT, talk with the Lord.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


old reliable tv just retired. so in came same brand but with HD viewing. Did notice for first time that tears do drop from both female and male actors. So both sexes  capable of emotionally crying. That's good. Not talking of pouty bawling or false tears flowing to get some form of goodie.These are real tears that come from a real need to express  feelings about a hurting personal experience. It is then that folks dear to yoi can lend an ear and shoulder to cry on. Maybe even a quiet unspoken hug. I'm sure, like me, this works wonders a lot of times. You know, in some cases, tears flow after  the dear folks leave. Some emotional hurt runs deeper and cries out for added help. The Lord understands .and is here. So talk with the Lord for He tells you  IT'S OK TO CRY.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Some prisoners may feel left out of the Lord's loop .  Feeling their acts do not warrant  His caring., they find ways to side step. For prisoners with time to reflect and also listen to other prisoners, many side steps come into play.  How about, "There is no Lord for me."."He left when the bars slammed shut." Often well-meaning friends and family tells me He cares. But, then other voices in THE YARD tell me.."It's easy for them to say."Prisoners, think about this, who did Jesus share crosses with?
I understand they were two real bad dudes. Then think about this, too.. He was there for them. So prisoners, He is there for you. also. Just say, I  would like to talk with the Lord. He will answer for PRISON BARS DON'T BAR THE LORD.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012


MLB is getting close to mid season and the All Star game upcoming. Reminds me of the words of a Major League manager...GO FOR THE FENCES.His rationale was that it takes 4 times the energy to hit 4 singles versus 1 home run.  Those words offer much food for thought today. But. some of that manager's players came back with, I feel safer trying for a single and less hurt if I fail. A good reply. I agree. Times come in life when you need a home run solution.The chips are down, bottom of the ninth,  bases loaded winning runs on base. Oh boy!  Don't fear, the Lord is here. Talk  with the Lord, he will  help you do it so go ahead  SWING FOR THE FENCES.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


This could be the shortest column yet,,NO ONE. Unfortunately, many go on being abused without getting real relief. Fear of the when, where, how and how much become part of daily life.of an abused victim. The if, for them, become the when. In physical abuse, many times the abuser is capable of overpowering the victim.who takes fearing even more harm by resisting. Emotional abuse is also painfull, non-related to physical ability to inject abuse.. Abused is a concern foir both abused in the closet or open to see. Just because you may not have experience with abuse, the problem is HUGE. Many groups are addressing this..congatulations. Even they do not hold the answers. Some stronger force must come into play. Try a talk with the Lord..ABUSE..WHO NEEDS IT/

Monday, June 11, 2012


Not talking about  what movie to see, cd to buy, what item is worth staying in line overnight . Nor beach volley ball or surfing, to dye or not dye my hair, which elective to take, alice or Mary for the dance, go with Bill or Ed. Or who for a sleepover. who for boys night out, right lipstick shade, men's best gel, best social network, text or not  today. Add more similar ones to  get the picture and some good answers from peers and family could be yours. In the real youth world, many personal questions are not mentioned. And these are the ones that really need answered. ..from one who  knows.  From my personal experience, the Lord is my first choice for tough life questions.  For when you need answers, talk with the Lord...He knows YOUTH HAVE QUESTIONS.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Many return with disabilities never before even imagined. Many return with PTS syndrome, a high-toned label for high-toned life adjustment problems.  Many return with little appreciation from those of us who never left our homes. Many return to see more NO HELP WANTED signs than needed to see. Many return to not see old friends who gave their lives for us. Many return to find family relationships torn , if not broken, by times of absence. ALL RETURN with tough questions about the life in their future. Thankfully, returning vets, there is one who has well traveled your road, felt the angst of wars, understands your needs and whoi does not need an appointment or charge a fee.. RETURNING VETS, talk with the Lord.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Not drizzle or gently falling rain.  This rain his hard, often when least expected.   Could be friends fail to carry through their  promises, family issues are over your head, medical tests confirm  or deny, downsize at any age, college grades disappoinr,Will let you  keep string going. Don't know who invented the umbrella. But, I do know  it is not a question of if,  blos hen, life's rain comes into your life. I also know one with just the right umbrella.  Talk with the Lord...HE'S HERE FOR YOUR LIFE'S RAIN.

Monday, May 21, 2012


BSeen doin a Rip Van Winkle our just been under a rock lately? Rest of us beein seein a lot about "The Avengers".  Those legendary super heroes comin back strong. To me, the popularity is a huge cry to feel super strength high above us mere mortals. Why, you say? With life's globality and increasing complexity joined by an expanding knowledge base..we like to see ones who can do amazing stuff,,if even on a green screen. Sure, problems these super heroes solve, by writer design, exceed  normal reality.But normal reality does hit US. mere mortals. Not talking reality tv here, just daily life's questions needing super hero answers.. Don't think Clark Kent's other self is my answer. Gotta do better, gottta talk with the lord,,for HE'S YOUR SUPER HERO.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Hi, yours truly here with tv's latest game show...It's Gone. 3 eager contestants will try to  outdo each other in naming things gone in a one minute segment. Contestant A..edsel,hudson, model T, crosley,nash, bearcat,pinto, etc.  Contestant B..polaroid, kodak brownie, ampex tape machines, hamilton, benrus, & longiine watches, etc. Contestant C..bunny bread, gum ball machines, manual national cash registers, roosevelt hotels, tilting pinball machines,stouffers resturaunts, etc.  Seems we have a 3-way tie. So you each get to split $120.00 till later, al a wreck.  In a world where regular change takes center stage..we are so glad there is you, Lord. Go ahead you contestants, talk with the Lord..HE AIN'T GONE.:

Thursday, May 3, 2012


It's about 4 pm, do I know this daily call?  Yep. it's an automated call telling me tp place my machine in fax mode to get an important message. Can set my watch by this daily call.  If that were the only one, but no such luck,. Try this...bed bugs biting ya bud, call A Pest Service now. Don't let your cracked windshield open yourself to a biggie fine-that ain't fine.  Roof leekin, gettin soaked spouse mad, get glad, get us..Roofs R Us.Obviously, these are problems to be fixed. but not by a machine  telling YOU to call them   Me, I prefer to do my own homework. Boy. that is what I like about the Lord,  You can call Him 24-7-365. Try a helpful talk with the know HE AIN'T AUTOMATED.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


VSL has a very special  married lady friend whose tears the other day you could almost feel coming from the phone.  Her "loving" spouse repeatedly told her she was nothing without him. This despite her having a responsible Federal government position. She possibly could have moved higher, but raising two children got in the way..fortunately! Although spouse did not use bodily action, his words cut deeply..often with the same mantra.Laws to date do not allow for punishing verbal abuse. Result..many like VSL's lady(a real lady too)are left to tearful calls to family and friends. Further result.. a feeling of being self-less. Tis the opposite of spouse and his selfish behavior. I have no cure-all to suggest for self-less.  Give talk with the lord a try..DON'T BE SELF-LESS

Friday, April 13, 2012


To me, whimsey seems to be where you allow yourself to engage in tripping, at times, over the light-hearted fancies of just everyday living. It's free, does not cost a dime, and makes time more enjoyable. Don't get me wrong, when your boss asks for the final bid figures, don't say it's about---, boss, there just numbers. Or when a surgeon asked for a particular tool in an operation say, here are 3, take your choice. To add this to your daily fun,start out by poking fun at yourself..with me,an easy-go. A little slice of daily wry bread works wonders. When I try this with the Lord, He gets into it with me and both have a hearty laugh. When you talk with the Lord, remember HE'S GOOD WITH WHIMSEY.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


It's always good to be good to all others all the time. That should be on your daily routine. Offering a helping hand whenever you can. I am sure the Lord is on your side here. Sometimes the help may seem minor to you, it can fell major to the other person.Case in point: one summer, while passing a young man asking for just a quarter for help, I had one for him. Seems I was not alone, for he had been doing this for over 18 months. And...while reading the local paper, his picture accompanied an article about his taking the daily money to help his physically disabled brother. All in a home you and I would not recommend. so when see a cry for help, don't always assume they are a con or ripoff artist. Talk with the Lord, He can help you BE GOOD TO OURSELVES.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


VSL just brought me this named inspirational plaque.Made me think that souls need daily comforting. They are out there..daily meeting life's ups and downs. I have yet to see ups and downs doing any soul comforting. So what's next? Friends, family, and co-workers can only go so far. Spiritual leaders can probably carry it to the next level. But, the soul, as they say. runs deep. Boy, do I know my limitations here. I need help from one who offers me the real faith I need to comfort my soul. Sure, it is my longtime friend, the Lord. Talk with the Lord, to get you the FAITH THAT COMFORTS THE SOUL.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Would a Madison Avenue work well for us here? Let's give it a go and see if it runs up the sky and the angels applaud.Monday staff meeting. Staff in unison..It's not the Hamps or St. Barts, but we are ready. boss. Good,Peoople. West Coast on red-eye, will join later. Rick, love your handle on the internet pulse. Erika, you are talking real good creative copy. Bart's legal eye on focus as to all clearances. Margo, baby, your graphic arts know where we are at. Enough, time to close the conference room door. I don't feel for us that MADISON AVENUE IS HERE., thinking ..Just talk with the pays. Now for my usual 2 hour lunch..fat chance, boss.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Fondly remember lunch at Grandma Gs. Over cooked Spam, fresh baked bread, vanilla, homemade Welch cookie..we talked of many things. One day I asked how she was doing. Gene, my day is tedious. Before my radio days, i said "What's teed-yus"? That's when, Gene, unexpected things come your way when you least expect them to. Life is like that at times. Lord did give me sense to handle regular activities. But, He also gave me an added to Him about it. ..anytime. Thanks Grandma G. When LIFE GETS TEED-YUS,talk with the Lord.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Recently we kicked around the idea of a Life Achievement Test(LAT) For me, a life should be a proper balance between the serious life concerns we have and just enjoying life on a regular basis. At times, the scale may tip in either direction, but balance is key. There is not a simple test to determine this balance..yet. Time then for our Serious Down Test.It does allow time to address serious life issues. On the other hand, it allows the light of exposure to the question of overdoing the serious side of life. For even in time of serious serious, a balanced life needs time to serious down.
one way I have found here is to ask yourself.. am I over-serious about it..or come on now let's have some lightening-up. That does not always work, so to keep life in balance and SERIOUS DOWN, I talk with the Lord.

Friday, March 9, 2012


urspecl.....did I flunk Texting 101? Well, you are special to a lot of people. Advertisers want you to feel special, you are a part of their customer family. Political groups you are special if you share similar thoughts. Sports teams like special people if you have the same winning team cheer.Close family and friends bring a closer meaning to being a special you.They know you better than the above others,despite modern demographic data mining. Hate to burst the bubble, but someone else has the highest trump card.How about one knowing you from day one?Then add knowing a lot about life. Why not a good talk with the Lord today...feel special for he always feels YOU ARE SPECIAL.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


My grandsons, Chase(8th grade) and Collin(6th grade are both doing quite well, but like many other students..they can not escape the impact of SAT scores. These are most influential in both choice of school and the financing of that school.It's easy to understand why on a recent Teacher Tournament of Champions one teacher specialized in achievement test tutoring. Why should adults be left out? Never fear, a test is here..the Life Achievement Test(L.A.T.). perhaps the rules should be individualized to each ones real life goals. See a problem here? Who can design the individual test questions? Not me, for sure. I do know one who can. Plus he can offer tips on how to get a good score. Talk with the lord to get your best L.A.T. SCORE.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


No typo in the title. Although I was not on the scene at that time, her mom and my VSL told me one of the first real sentences her daughter spoke was I can hep. Mom was dusting the furniture. Without further instructions she started initating mom.
When the dusting was done by both, she asked mom, did I hep? A smiling faced mom gently nodded a yes. Seems even at very early life stages there is recognition that we all need hep. As daughter matured, she continued to ask, can I help(putting the l).VSL and her mom now celebrate her B.S. in Social Work. You know something, we all need hep..sometimes even more than we admit. No none knows this better than the Lord. That's why he's always ready for you. Talk with the Lord, HE CAN HEP.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


When musicians begin a number they listen for the downbeat, even with an upbeat tune.That's good. Not many other things, to me, hit a high life note beginning with a downbeat. I prefer upbeat mentality. OK Gene, now tells us the half full, half empty theory of life. Right you are, sports fans.For it really does work. Why be down in the dumps, low enough to fit under a worm, ain't seein any sunshine in your life, why bother for things ain't changing, nobody know the trouble I see, feeling you are on Floor number minus one on life's elevator? Too many downsides from being downbeat. Hoe about a refreshing life change with the Lord,HE'S UPBEAT.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Seems it is time for all sorts of political primary people to tell you they are the best populist.Must be 2012 and upcoming state primaries. who will get the nod and who says by-by.All the folks tell you they are for you people.What's not to like about that...a no-brainer. They go on to tell you they have the right experience stuff. They tell, you decide. But when I want my primary populist, I really need someone with longer experience than anyone, including politicians. So go ahead cast your support for the politician of your choice. Then go ahead. like me, talk with the Lord...HE IS YOUR PRIMARY POPULIST.

Friday, January 27, 2012


Really a few over, but do the addition using my old math way.When they Lord came my way with this Talk With The Lord idea..I said, Right. Lord..yeah you want me?
he must have for He's been here ever since, column thoughts in hand. I even told Him I make a few typos.. how bout a few more than a few. To make it acceptable Lord we need simple, easy to digest, timely topics. Good to His word, when I did not have the foggiest idea.. magic struck, just in time. His spirit was ever present in arranging 27 friends raise their hand in our effort to ever expand our goal to SPREAD THE WORD TALK WITH THE LORD. Only He knows the reach the program has achieve. My thanks to all of you. Plan to talk with the Lord today...THE LORD'S 10O COLUMNS can help.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Social networking is working. Facebook and Twitter alone reach out to millions globally. To date, I don't think the Lord has established an authorized social networking site. But if...what a great way to spread the word that daily talks with the Lord is good for all everywhere. No need here to list all the opportunities you have to get family, friends, and others in your network to follow "Him". It's easy, just let the word out that a daily talk with the Lord pays great dividends. Begin now to FOLLOW HIM ON "HIM".

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Lord wants you to believe in Him. Not much question in my mind there. On the flip side, I have some problems with the Lord believing in me. Believe me, I am far from perfect. As the Bard of the Avon wrote..."Aye that's the rub." To make myself better in His eyes, I may hold back or tweek my talks with Him. Feeling it's better to show a partial good face and not risk my good image in His mind. Doing so does not really benefit me in my quest for daily life answers. Then i feel if He wants me to believe in Him, why not He in me? In a real realty show, He would tell you to openly talk with the Lord for the LORD BELIEVES IN YOU.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Life does not always hit soft. When you think you have it all together, bango, it got you. Now what. Try asking family and friends. Most likely you get a well listening ear and some valid advice as well. For repair problems, you call on a specialist in the area of concern. Pastoral aid is a source to reach out to you in a caring way. As much as these avenues offer help when life hits is not enough. Something else to come into play. Time for me to talk with the Lord..don't let LIFE HIT HARD on your own.