Friday, August 24, 2012


Bunches of things you can just say  NO. Forgetting important birthdays, annual physical, returning libray books on time, helping elders cross busy street, voting regularly, saying pleae and thanks, properly maintaining vehicles, remembering animals hurt too, remembering kindness wins, remembering bullies lose, thinking no one else exists more than you, thinking there is no one else to help you, The list for NO goes on. List for YES also goes on. Today, let's center on one YES.  Can't help tough questions,but you can help get answers.  When it comes to a talk with the Lord, JUST SAY YES.

Friday, August 17, 2012


Our English language offers many examples of two meanings for the same spelling . Gotta confusee newcomers. Birthdays are great for one definition of present. My teen grandson just had one. The other present involves the here and now. Sure, He is there for your future,too.But let's concentrate on today. Obviously, questions today impact often our  future.t don't let the ball get away, life's real questtions need real answers now. Don't think, as good as Google is, it not the ideal source for life's future impacting questions.. Don't worry, folks. Talk with the Lord, HE'S HERE FOR YOUR PRESENT.

Friday, August 10, 2012


You say  nay nay, not in my way.Why the long face, ace? Just got some bad news and got the blues.Well,my friend, it ain't the end.think blue skies.I've tried to think like you,but come up lacking.Man. stop crying and start attackin. I'm ;lost when I go that  way.No attackin is not hurtin.You mean just relax and try some thinkin. See you are starting to turn on the burners. Come on, how about us slower learners? Try using a rap to get out of that trap. See what you mean, leave the old scene.Plus, get some solid help from up above. Solid, you mean Him? You got it with the lord about the GOOD THINGS COMING YOUR WAY.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Strawberry or vanilla cone, iron or wood club, red or blue dress, elective to take this term, yellow or red sedan, shore, mountains  or just home, Buddies or Pasta King tonight, tie or not knot, loafers or dress, what time for babysitter, go to more time, add what to movie DVD list, 1st or 3rd base seats, play 1st or 3rd, flats or heels, Smiths or Allens for bridge, which birthday card, check or charge, go out or stay in, bike or walk, be quiet or talk, Quick Go or Rudy's Supermarket, Nothing like the choice of choices today.Overwhelming, and these just  the easiest. Another story with life's more difficult choices. Feel the need for help?  Talk with the lord, He,s good with CHOICES.