Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Life sure has way of tossing a continuing stream of curve balls when it comes to the issues we face in the course of just everyday living. Boy, in about all of our daily life activities. Never fear, a lot of help is available from friends, counsellors, even Google contacts. This help can add to your needed knowledge.So go ahead..but in the final analysis, make the key part of your answer search, a talk with the Lord. You will find Him there 24-7-365, to answer questions from all ages. With years of relative experience, an over the ages effective track record, I feel YOU CAN'T GET BETTER THAN THIS....Make Him part of your answer search daily.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Video games, new shade of lip gloss, baseball mit, new Barbie,that cool new CD. These needs youth may easily express. What not so easily express, but important is their need for answers to the many unique questions that target today's youth. But, they want the answers to come from one who (1) is in tune with their life's tune, (2)available to answer just when questions come up, (3)talks with them and not talking up or down, (4) keeps confidences, (5) great conversation friend, (6)solid good reputation. Best one I know is the Lord, he meets all the above requirements. If you are a youth reading this, inspire yourself to make daily talks. If adults, inpire youth you know to talk, don't forget adults can benefit from those same talks.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Someone wiser once pointed out that one's real aspirations only become reality if accompanied by a solid dose of relevent inspiration. A lot of times those feeling that taking their questions to the Lord a great benefit fall short of picking up that phone and making the call. Some of thisy be call reluctance, feeling their questions not worthy of His time and effort.Others may just feel my questions will be resolved in another way. And some may feel He is just too busy now. But, no need for procrastination with the Lord.So go ahead make that call today. This may take some added inspiration on your part, but your best aspirations can be realized this way.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Not many I know care much to deal with these pesty life qualities. In all my talks the Lord is the polar opposite.You would think that with all He has going it would be easy to develop an ego larger than the room.But, He handles well, far better than I possibly could under the same circumstances.Plus, you will find solid consistency in His treatment of all of us. So don't hesitate to call, fot the LORD AIN'T HUFFY,PUFFY. STUFFY OR POUTY.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


No excuses, His ears are open to hear from you 24-7-365 He has you covered there.Afraid to call with your questions? Come on, you won't find a more receptive ear. Think you may be put down? No way, He ain't huffy, puffy or pouty. Can't afford Him? This one does not deserve an answer. What about His answers? He was on the scene from our day one. That sure beats all the others that followed. As we head into a new decade and year, HE'S HERE TO HEAR is a terrific idea to help you throughout the year. But, folks you have to ask to get his help! How about one call soon?