Monday, July 25, 2011


Recently rented "Rust", an emotionally uplifting flick filmed in Kipling, Canada and starred Corbin Bernsen. In his role as a small town minister, he gives a powerful sermon where hev empasizes the Lord is there for the rust that makes life's hinges squeek. Can't be cured with "The Tin Man's" oil can. The most effectve rust removal solution is the Lord. All of us have these ongoing squeeks and the questions they involve. So get your real oil can going,talk with the lord. HE'S HERE FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE AND THE RUST OF YOUR LIFE.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


My long time neighbor came by over last weekend. Too hot for outside, so a cool ice tea hit the spot inside. Ken was concerned that he was not good enough to talk with the Lord about his daily life questions. You could not ask for a better adult Boy Scout type to live two doors away. What's your worry.Ken? Well,Gene, the world is full of people, many people who are more suited to take up his time. I'm just Joe Average. Well welcome to the unformed but real inernational organization of Joe Average Clubs. Guess the honorary president..yeah the Lord. You are not alone,Ken.So when real life questions come your way it is the day to talk with the Lord.....YOU'RE GOOD ENOUGH


Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Know how you feel. Last week VSL(Very Special Lady)went to THE mall where sales and credit cards collide. Ready to come home to share fruits of trip, she found her white Sable Wagon with a long face..deader than dead battery. Cell phone to the rescue and a road service visit got her back on center. But all of us have things that pull us off-center which are not as easily righted. One who has heard a bunch of off-center pulls is the Lord. His advantage is the ability to keep on center while helping you do the same. Why remain FEELING OFF-CENTER, when a talk with the Lord can get your life where it could be..on-center.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Has a nice beat..easy to remember, more importantly, terrific to use daily. Most of us have packages delivered to our front door too big for one person to handle. Hey, that's life. Some packages can be picked up with the help of a family member or friend..problem solved. Then there are special daily living packages that need more than family and friends. Time to repeat our title subject,HHH. You do want hands that help and pick up the package with care and even a touch of the gentle. Long wait or journey is not needed. The Lord is gentle, cares and there for the asking. Just talk with the Lord and put His hands on the special packages you receive for HIS HANDS HELP.