Thursday, July 21, 2011


My long time neighbor came by over last weekend. Too hot for outside, so a cool ice tea hit the spot inside. Ken was concerned that he was not good enough to talk with the Lord about his daily life questions. You could not ask for a better adult Boy Scout type to live two doors away. What's your worry.Ken? Well,Gene, the world is full of people, many people who are more suited to take up his time. I'm just Joe Average. Well welcome to the unformed but real inernational organization of Joe Average Clubs. Guess the honorary president..yeah the Lord. You are not alone,Ken.So when real life questions come your way it is the day to talk with the Lord.....YOU'RE GOOD ENOUGH



  1. Relevant reminders of daily life! Thank you for posting a comment on my blog at wordpress. I left you a message there, please check back as I would like to hear from you and perhaps list your blog on The Christian Gazette. Loopyloo

  2. These doubts come to the new believer or the unsaved soul because Satan is try to lure them away from the Lord. If the person understands where this is coming from, and how he/she can protect himself from this, then he/she will no longer question whether they should speak to the Lord. Thanks for visiting my blog.