Monday, July 25, 2011


Recently rented "Rust", an emotionally uplifting flick filmed in Kipling, Canada and starred Corbin Bernsen. In his role as a small town minister, he gives a powerful sermon where hev empasizes the Lord is there for the rust that makes life's hinges squeek. Can't be cured with "The Tin Man's" oil can. The most effectve rust removal solution is the Lord. All of us have these ongoing squeeks and the questions they involve. So get your real oil can going,talk with the lord. HE'S HERE FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE AND THE RUST OF YOUR LIFE.


  1. SORRY FOR KEY TYPOS title FOR THE RUST OF YOUR LIFE actor Corbin Bernsen please forgive gene thanks will do better next weeek,sure hope anyway.

  2. You should do a whole blog article on a list of recommended movies fit for a faithfull house - something we talk about all the time. If you do a blog article on this topic I will cross post on my blog.

    Evielynne and her 3 Blogs

  3. evielynne, don't normally review movies use the as blog columns develop also don't plug commercial ventures but did get "Rust" an older film from Netflix. they have a genre category called Faith & Spirituality good source of family films gene hubbard