Saturday, May 26, 2012


Not drizzle or gently falling rain.  This rain his hard, often when least expected.   Could be friends fail to carry through their  promises, family issues are over your head, medical tests confirm  or deny, downsize at any age, college grades disappoinr,Will let you  keep string going. Don't know who invented the umbrella. But, I do know  it is not a question of if,  blos hen, life's rain comes into your life. I also know one with just the right umbrella.  Talk with the Lord...HE'S HERE FOR YOUR LIFE'S RAIN.

Monday, May 21, 2012


BSeen doin a Rip Van Winkle our just been under a rock lately? Rest of us beein seein a lot about "The Avengers".  Those legendary super heroes comin back strong. To me, the popularity is a huge cry to feel super strength high above us mere mortals. Why, you say? With life's globality and increasing complexity joined by an expanding knowledge base..we like to see ones who can do amazing stuff,,if even on a green screen. Sure, problems these super heroes solve, by writer design, exceed  normal reality.But normal reality does hit US. mere mortals. Not talking reality tv here, just daily life's questions needing super hero answers.. Don't think Clark Kent's other self is my answer. Gotta do better, gottta talk with the lord,,for HE'S YOUR SUPER HERO.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Hi, yours truly here with tv's latest game show...It's Gone. 3 eager contestants will try to  outdo each other in naming things gone in a one minute segment. Contestant A..edsel,hudson, model T, crosley,nash, bearcat,pinto, etc.  Contestant B..polaroid, kodak brownie, ampex tape machines, hamilton, benrus, & longiine watches, etc. Contestant C..bunny bread, gum ball machines, manual national cash registers, roosevelt hotels, tilting pinball machines,stouffers resturaunts, etc.  Seems we have a 3-way tie. So you each get to split $120.00 till later, al a wreck.  In a world where regular change takes center stage..we are so glad there is you, Lord. Go ahead you contestants, talk with the Lord..HE AIN'T GONE.:

Thursday, May 3, 2012


It's about 4 pm, do I know this daily call?  Yep. it's an automated call telling me tp place my machine in fax mode to get an important message. Can set my watch by this daily call.  If that were the only one, but no such luck,. Try this...bed bugs biting ya bud, call A Pest Service now. Don't let your cracked windshield open yourself to a biggie fine-that ain't fine.  Roof leekin, gettin soaked spouse mad, get glad, get us..Roofs R Us.Obviously, these are problems to be fixed. but not by a machine  telling YOU to call them   Me, I prefer to do my own homework. Boy. that is what I like about the Lord,  You can call Him 24-7-365. Try a helpful talk with the know HE AIN'T AUTOMATED.