Thursday, May 3, 2012


It's about 4 pm, do I know this daily call?  Yep. it's an automated call telling me tp place my machine in fax mode to get an important message. Can set my watch by this daily call.  If that were the only one, but no such luck,. Try this...bed bugs biting ya bud, call A Pest Service now. Don't let your cracked windshield open yourself to a biggie fine-that ain't fine.  Roof leekin, gettin soaked spouse mad, get glad, get us..Roofs R Us.Obviously, these are problems to be fixed. but not by a machine  telling YOU to call them   Me, I prefer to do my own homework. Boy. that is what I like about the Lord,  You can call Him 24-7-365. Try a helpful talk with the know HE AIN'T AUTOMATED.

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