Sunday, May 13, 2012


Hi, yours truly here with tv's latest game show...It's Gone. 3 eager contestants will try to  outdo each other in naming things gone in a one minute segment. Contestant A..edsel,hudson, model T, crosley,nash, bearcat,pinto, etc.  Contestant B..polaroid, kodak brownie, ampex tape machines, hamilton, benrus, & longiine watches, etc. Contestant C..bunny bread, gum ball machines, manual national cash registers, roosevelt hotels, tilting pinball machines,stouffers resturaunts, etc.  Seems we have a 3-way tie. So you each get to split $120.00 till later, al a wreck.  In a world where regular change takes center stage..we are so glad there is you, Lord. Go ahead you contestants, talk with the Lord..HE AIN'T GONE.:

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