Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Recently we got a request for our free info packet from a high school sophomore in Surburban Philadelphia. Albert F. included a note that he feels teenagers are sometimes left out of the loop when it comes to beginning dialogue with the Lord about their everyday life concerns. He feels if he could get with his age-related peers, they could work together to talk with the Lord on a daily basis. An hour or so a month with 3-5 friends woul be great. Hats off to Albert, for teenagers today are having daily concerns new to their lives. The Lord is open for their question 24/7/52 weeks a year. So teenagers, write for your free info packets G. 2232 ponte vedra fl 32004 Visit blog

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


With a recent request for our free to all info packet about Talk With The Lord came a request for information on what we discuss at our neighborhood monthly meetings. Good question.In our meetings WE DO NOT DISCUSS SPECIFIC QUESTIONS FOLKS ASK THE LORD. Such dialogue is private one on one with the Lord. What we do discuss is ways to initiate dialogue, how to frame questions, how to overcome initial stage fright in asking that all important first question. In framing a question, we use a hypothetical concern, then go around the room,getting each ones view of a good question to ask.All heads are better than one in this effort.
On another note, how about this set of song titles to ponder? 1.He Walks with You and He Talks With You, 2. On The Street Where You Live, 3. Day By Day. I need your help for some more sets of 3. Just add a comment, tis free at

Sunday, June 13, 2010


You in seat A 25, come on down, you've just won a talk With The Lord Bonus! No, I am not the ghost of Johnny Olsen or currently, Drew Carey. As we said in Talk With The Lord Daily prior posing, of three ways of talking only one effectively encourages dialogue... TALK WITH. Not only is this concept effective for talks with the about using it in other daily talks. You could be happily pleased with the results on the job, at play and with your own families. By talking with the Lord and talking with others, the benefits to all magnify. Don't forget, Talk With The Lord is free and open to all Free info..G.Hubbard, ponte vedra fl 32004 blog to We are proud to introduce you to the spiritual ministry of David and Rebecca Cooley. Visit them on blog

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Both Valentine's Day and the month of June highlight love and marriage. Both a terrific combination . Sweethearts and spouses sharing. Today, I would like to share something else that is also to love and share. That is talking with God daily on things that trouble you along the road of everyday living. If people could really develop a love in talking with the Lord, how much more would available for their lives.So when beginning dialogue with Him, put some love into action, too.
That's it this post, but we are a free-for-view, without commercial breaks blog for you to benefit. AND POST YOUR COMMENTS,ALL WAYS, ALWAYS. g. hubbard.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


You do, really? Then you are part of a rare breed....much prized by your employer. For myself and most people I know hit the homeward trail on a less taxing basis. So 24/7, what if your boss could find someone who could really work 24/7, never needs sick days, asks for no vacations,no benefit plan contributions,ready with solid information when needed and cares about the work.Would you,24/7 feel threatened? More threatened with, being available for 52 weeks a year? Well, personel has someone NOW. Call on THE LORD. At Talk With The Lord our free to all monthly meetings of 3-5 neighbors meet to both learn and inspire takling with the Lord on a daily basis about everyday living. Free info..G.Hubbard, 2232,ponte vedra fl 32004. our blog address

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Much buzz today involves the subject of identity theft. But at a meeting of Talk With The Lord? Soon after our usual hellos again, Jim tossed a biggie question at us. When you initiate the talk with the Lord, how do you know it's Him or his identity thief? That great question set last night's tone. Many out there are quite skilled in the techniques presenting ideas taken out of context. They are also generally effective communicators. They have ability to fool many.Agreed, we need to figure a way to catch the identity thief and acknowledge the real Lord.There is certainly one source of finding the words of God. Overall understanding of the overall picture of the Lord can give us a heads up of what He feels is REALLY HIM. It is not any easy task for us. Even so, we must still reach out to inspire all to talk with the Lord daily. Sure we will goof, that is expected as we continue to learn . Failure to try is never to succeed. g.hubbard.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Welcome all....Let's begin by talking about talk. My college speech professor broke into three ways we talk to each other First, he cited the classic Robert D. line in Taxi Driver,You talkin to me? Next, words from his army drill sargeant, Listen up men, I'm takin at ya Both accomplished the goal of the speaker...end discussion..which it did. For most of us,we don't want the discourse to end. This is true of the Lord,too. So what's the last way? TALK WITH.SOMEONE. With implies a two way dialogue road Only then can there be a true sharing of thoughts. The LORD wants you to TALK WITH, not to or at Why not give that a try today? For your free info packet about a no cost ever experience ,drop us a line...P.O. Box 2232, Ponte Vedra, FL 32004. till next time, G. Hubbard, Founder