Wednesday, June 9, 2010


You do, really? Then you are part of a rare breed....much prized by your employer. For myself and most people I know hit the homeward trail on a less taxing basis. So 24/7, what if your boss could find someone who could really work 24/7, never needs sick days, asks for no vacations,no benefit plan contributions,ready with solid information when needed and cares about the work.Would you,24/7 feel threatened? More threatened with, being available for 52 weeks a year? Well, personel has someone NOW. Call on THE LORD. At Talk With The Lord our free to all monthly meetings of 3-5 neighbors meet to both learn and inspire takling with the Lord on a daily basis about everyday living. Free info..G.Hubbard, 2232,ponte vedra fl 32004. our blog address

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