Tuesday, June 15, 2010


With a recent request for our free to all info packet about Talk With The Lord came a request for information on what we discuss at our neighborhood monthly meetings. Good question.In our meetings WE DO NOT DISCUSS SPECIFIC QUESTIONS FOLKS ASK THE LORD. Such dialogue is private one on one with the Lord. What we do discuss is ways to initiate dialogue, how to frame questions, how to overcome initial stage fright in asking that all important first question. In framing a question, we use a hypothetical concern, then go around the room,getting each ones view of a good question to ask.All heads are better than one in this effort.
On another note, how about this set of song titles to ponder? 1.He Walks with You and He Talks With You, 2. On The Street Where You Live, 3. Day By Day. I need your help for some more sets of 3. Just add a comment, tis free at http://talkwiththelord.blogspot.com/

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