Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Much buzz today involves the subject of identity theft. But at a meeting of Talk With The Lord? Soon after our usual hellos again, Jim tossed a biggie question at us. When you initiate the talk with the Lord, how do you know it's Him or his identity thief? That great question set last night's tone. Many out there are quite skilled in the techniques presenting ideas taken out of context. They are also generally effective communicators. They have ability to fool many.Agreed, we need to figure a way to catch the identity thief and acknowledge the real Lord.There is certainly one source of finding the words of God. Overall understanding of the overall picture of the Lord can give us a heads up of what He feels is REALLY HIM. It is not any easy task for us. Even so, we must still reach out to inspire all to talk with the Lord daily. Sure we will goof, that is expected as we continue to learn . Failure to try is never to succeed. g.hubbard.

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