Sunday, March 25, 2012


Would a Madison Avenue work well for us here? Let's give it a go and see if it runs up the sky and the angels applaud.Monday staff meeting. Staff in unison..It's not the Hamps or St. Barts, but we are ready. boss. Good,Peoople. West Coast on red-eye, will join later. Rick, love your handle on the internet pulse. Erika, you are talking real good creative copy. Bart's legal eye on focus as to all clearances. Margo, baby, your graphic arts know where we are at. Enough, time to close the conference room door. I don't feel for us that MADISON AVENUE IS HERE., thinking ..Just talk with the pays. Now for my usual 2 hour lunch..fat chance, boss.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Fondly remember lunch at Grandma Gs. Over cooked Spam, fresh baked bread, vanilla, homemade Welch cookie..we talked of many things. One day I asked how she was doing. Gene, my day is tedious. Before my radio days, i said "What's teed-yus"? That's when, Gene, unexpected things come your way when you least expect them to. Life is like that at times. Lord did give me sense to handle regular activities. But, He also gave me an added to Him about it. ..anytime. Thanks Grandma G. When LIFE GETS TEED-YUS,talk with the Lord.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Recently we kicked around the idea of a Life Achievement Test(LAT) For me, a life should be a proper balance between the serious life concerns we have and just enjoying life on a regular basis. At times, the scale may tip in either direction, but balance is key. There is not a simple test to determine this balance..yet. Time then for our Serious Down Test.It does allow time to address serious life issues. On the other hand, it allows the light of exposure to the question of overdoing the serious side of life. For even in time of serious serious, a balanced life needs time to serious down.
one way I have found here is to ask yourself.. am I over-serious about it..or come on now let's have some lightening-up. That does not always work, so to keep life in balance and SERIOUS DOWN, I talk with the Lord.

Friday, March 9, 2012


urspecl.....did I flunk Texting 101? Well, you are special to a lot of people. Advertisers want you to feel special, you are a part of their customer family. Political groups you are special if you share similar thoughts. Sports teams like special people if you have the same winning team cheer.Close family and friends bring a closer meaning to being a special you.They know you better than the above others,despite modern demographic data mining. Hate to burst the bubble, but someone else has the highest trump card.How about one knowing you from day one?Then add knowing a lot about life. Why not a good talk with the Lord today...feel special for he always feels YOU ARE SPECIAL.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


My grandsons, Chase(8th grade) and Collin(6th grade are both doing quite well, but like many other students..they can not escape the impact of SAT scores. These are most influential in both choice of school and the financing of that school.It's easy to understand why on a recent Teacher Tournament of Champions one teacher specialized in achievement test tutoring. Why should adults be left out? Never fear, a test is here..the Life Achievement Test(L.A.T.). perhaps the rules should be individualized to each ones real life goals. See a problem here? Who can design the individual test questions? Not me, for sure. I do know one who can. Plus he can offer tips on how to get a good score. Talk with the lord to get your best L.A.T. SCORE.