Thursday, August 2, 2012


Strawberry or vanilla cone, iron or wood club, red or blue dress, elective to take this term, yellow or red sedan, shore, mountains  or just home, Buddies or Pasta King tonight, tie or not knot, loafers or dress, what time for babysitter, go to more time, add what to movie DVD list, 1st or 3rd base seats, play 1st or 3rd, flats or heels, Smiths or Allens for bridge, which birthday card, check or charge, go out or stay in, bike or walk, be quiet or talk, Quick Go or Rudy's Supermarket, Nothing like the choice of choices today.Overwhelming, and these just  the easiest. Another story with life's more difficult choices. Feel the need for help?  Talk with the lord, He,s good with CHOICES.

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