Thursday, November 15, 2012


Recently, two TV series presented excellent dramas, most likely in sync with Veteran's Day. Thankfully these pinpointed the need for us to go behind the needed tribute for serving our country well. Perhaps it is easier to cheer, enjoy the drums going bang and cymbals clanging. Let's not get fooled behind this cover and go home without further thought to the real issues returning vets find here. For a few years at least, vets have mainly been of touch with employment needs  for one. Then some feel military action unjustified and reach out to returning vets who were only obeying orders.Some may feel personal relationships strained .  Why can't we all come together in one fight,,,the fight to
help our returning vets . When  your talk with the lord time comes, remember HOMECOMING VETS NEED YOUR RESPECT.

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