Tuesday, June 26, 2012


MLB is getting close to mid season and the All Star game upcoming. Reminds me of the words of a Major League manager...GO FOR THE FENCES.His rationale was that it takes 4 times the energy to hit 4 singles versus 1 home run.  Those words offer much food for thought today. But. some of that manager's players came back with, I feel safer trying for a single and less hurt if I fail. A good reply. I agree. Times come in life when you need a home run solution.The chips are down, bottom of the ninth,  bases loaded winning runs on base. Oh boy!  Don't fear, the Lord is here. Talk  with the Lord, he will  help you do it so go ahead  SWING FOR THE FENCES.


  1. I am not happy with you sending blanket comments to blog sites like mine when you have no intention of engaging the topic on site but beckoning viewers to your blog. Specially given your spiritual inclination it appears manipulative.

  2. Ron, our intention in our totally free program is to spread the word that daily talks with the Lord are good. We have NO pr or ad budget.Also many have read and enjoyed our weekly columns why not give them a read yourself thanks for your interest.