Tuesday, June 21, 2011


"Dear Hearts and Gentle People That Live In My Hometown", great lyrics for a great life for us all. Would that not eliminate much of daily life stress, wasteful wars,petty jealousy and you name it. But. not everyone is on board this ship. We can count on some for us,however. When I for sure have need for a gentle talk from a dear heart, I reach out for the Lord. He has ben there as called upon. So when your need is answers for a burning life question, talk with the Lord for THE LORD TALKS GENTLE.

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  1. your blog is very interesting and touches on some topics that have not been touched on by many people. and yes, the Lord's always open for a gentle talk, even if it's about how your day went, the Lord, like a friend, will be eager to listen. God bless you and keep this up. The world needs the truth and is looking but they are looking too hard. All they need to do is look around them, they will see the wonderful works of our Lord and will know who the true creator really is.