Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Two positive, powerful action verbs, I feel, are believe and trust. Over the years, I have come to believe and trust my immediate family, long time friends, my medical helpers, my spiritual souls. These have a wider range of belief and trust than the mailman to get my mail here on time or UPS/Fedex regular drivers. Each of these has demonstrated solid evidence that in the areas asked,I can believe and trust them.Note the importance of "in the areas asked". For I have yet to find, with one exception, one who covers my whole world of need to believe and trust. That exceptional one you can take to the bank is the Lord. For a positive, powerful action figure to BELIEVE AND TRUST, TRUST THE LORD..BELIEVE ME!

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  1. Great , The only one we can trust with no single spot of doubt is God because He has the power to accomplish what He promises unlike mortal man who doesn't even know how long a life he still has around, yet he also has no power to increase his days on the earth!
    See, how awesome our God is!
    Glory to God