Wednesday, July 21, 2010


NOW IS THE TIME, TODAY THE DAY TO START IT it is easy to do, you can do it any age can do special skills needed.benefits come your way, can do it alone, gives you a daily boost,adds to your emotional health,increases your knowledge, wide personal satisfaction,very socially acceptable,can come with sense of humor,not time consumming, virtually effortless,well known figure involved in idea. my copy pen ran out with the goodies offered. but you can get involved FREEEEE. our program offers monthly meetings of 3-6 friends inspiring them to talk with the Lord daily aboou everyday life questions free iunfo and song lyrics SPREAD THE WORD -TALK WITH THE LORD are frre to perform non-commercially free info and lyrics g. hubbard p.o. box 2232 ponte vedra fl 32004 great posts on

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