Friday, April 1, 2011


Whether you are physically, emotionally or sexually abused,the Lord is there 24-7-365 to talk with you. He offers answers you can believe in, talks gently with, not at you, knows your specific needs, and keeps confidences. Really a rock solid friend. So don't be afraid to ask that first question to get the top of dialogue spinning.It's not easy to ask. You may need added outside motivational inspiration. Here's where knowing family and friends can extend a hand. If you are not the abused reading this column, please be one to extend a hand to enable an ABUSED SOUL TO TALK WITH THE LORD....TODAY WOULD BE A GOOD START.

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  1. Thank you for your recent visit to MISSIONS ! If you listened to Beth Moore's clip from her teaching, you would have heard the title shared in her story with a little girl from Romania.

    I linked this blog post to your comment which I had to redo because of some typos that did not allow anyone to link to here... (you had an extra letter in "with")

    So thankful that the LORD is available always to talk or listen and shares such great counsel from the best Counselor.