Friday, March 4, 2011


Awile ago a Very Special Lady(VSL) brought a hand carved wood image with each letter of INSPIRE having its own space. Recently, I asked VSL if she had ever seen this image since. No, it's one of a kind, something special, I guess. I have it displayed in the LR on top of the entertainment cabinet..easy to see daily. One definition of inspire is to provide positive motivation. In attempting to talk with the Lord, some feel gun shy in asking that first question. This seems to happen more in cases of abuse. So they need a dose of inspiration being directed to them from those stronger,who they know. May I solicit your help in reaching out to inspire those who need positive motivation.. Yes, Desire To Inspire.. a win win deal.

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  1. Thanks... We first must be inspired. Therefore, my sentiments is for those that have been abused. It is important they reach for the healing so they can more forward to be inspired that they may inspire others.