Sunday, May 1, 2011


A few years ago Stan Lee created and hosted an entertaining TV show, "Who Will Be The Next Superhero." Its hard to believe the varied array of contestants from amazing strength and would be human flyers to a lady who used food as a ploy. Over the series, contestants were challenged to attack problems using their own brand of superhero. If this were the only interesting part, this ould not be my take today. To Stan's credit. he gave strong credit to non-action actions. The one's celebrated were the ones showing a good heart and caring for people they met during tasks..but had no influence on outcomes. Good hearts, caring, good listeners got a good shot on moving on. Have to admit, these are important aspects of being a superhero in addition to performance alone. What a great checklist . One the Lord does daily for all of us. WANT A SUPERHERO IN YOUR LIFE, don't worry, the Lord is here.

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