Saturday, September 10, 2011


Heartfelt thanks to a prison chaplain we will call Ken.While serving adult felons, he initiated a group program to inspire prisoners to talk with the Lord daily
on their specific concerning questions. At the first meeting he told them forget answers for the next heist or scam, for the Lord's answers take a better uplifting turn. This turn turns to non-abusive solutions. At the end of that initial meeting Ken asked them to invite others to join. Second meeting saw more inmates coming in. Ken
felt ok to add a new element. When starting a conversation with a fellow inmate, say.."I Did It Today". Then existing members are asked to reply, "I Did It Today"
If the inmate response is "Did What?" is time to talk about talking with the Lord and how the Lord helped me. All these efforts are gentle and non confronting. In the future Ken can see an exception to released inmates inability to communicate with each other in order to get the Lord's answers. Could this type of talk keep more released prisoners from playing boomerang, instead just PRISONERS TALKING WITH THE LORD?

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