Saturday, December 25, 2010


FLOWERS IN THE GARDEN OF LIFE. our refrigerator magnet reminds of this each day. This goes for friends that began in the first grade to the newer neighbors, co-workers, church members, college classmates, bus school fellow riders, Starbucks patrons, church nmembers, and the list goes on. Key is we need friends as much as we need to be friends. What is this leading to? Friends are also a key element in our SPREAD THE WORD TALK WITH THE LORD free program. 3-6 rotating friend groups meet monthly for MUTUAL INSPIRATION. We have found this interaction work wonders in getting folks to talk daily with the Lord on the key issues of our everyday lives.Key answers to life's key questions are left to the Lord. Motivation to ask that first question...that's why FRIENDS ARE THE FLOWERS IN THE GARDEN OF LIFE.

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  1. youth face tough daily questions our free SPREAD THE WORD TALK WITH THE LORD program inspires daily talks catch they need your help with first question our blog helps g hubbard po box 2232 ponte vedra fl 32004